REWARD: Alleged Attempted Murderer Mistakenly Released


(SAULT STE. MARIE, ON) – The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is currently searching for a 30-year-old man who was released from jail on Monday morning by accident.

Police say that James Bolan was in custody at the courthouse in Sault Ste. Marie on January 27th when the mistake took place.

At the moment, Bolan is currently facing the following list of charges:

  • Attempted murder.
  • Assault with a weapon.
  • Weapons dangerous to the public peace.
  • Unlawfully in a dwelling.

The charges stem from an incident that took place in May of 2019. He is still working these charges through the justice system, they have not been proven in a court of law.

There is a guaranteed reward by the Sault Ste. Marie Crime Stoppers program of $1000 for information leading to Bolan’s arrest. Residents are advised not to approach Bolan if spotted, but to rather call 911 immediately so that police may apprehend him.

Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers at (705) 942-7867 or 1-800-222-8477. You can also use the Crime Stoppers website at this link:


3 Replies to “REWARD: Alleged Attempted Murderer Mistakenly Released”

  1. Unbelievably inept senior law officials f*cking things up.

    Have our police meet him at the Dumpster Bay welfare office when he arrives to sign up for his dole under an alias. He’s likely on his way here right now.

  2. Lol that would suck so bad to be let out, thinking your good to go, few hours later your on the news wanted because they made a mistake letting you out.. ouch

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