Released on Violent Allegations, Breaching on Alcohol


(DRYDEN, ON) – Hardworking officers with the Dryden Police Service have arrested a 19-year-old Rowlette Gardner on allegations she breached her bail conditions to not consume alcohol or other intoxicants.

The incident took place on November 22nd, although it is not certain when her previous charges came before the court.


She appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning video telephone call from the DPS station. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons was presiding along with Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild and duty counsel lawyer Robert Atatise.

Gardner is facing the following new charge, on top of her exiting charges:

  • Breaching bail conditions (no alcohol / intoxicants).

She has been having numerous police interactions lately, including recent ones. She is denied bail today.


Gardner is scheduled to appear in a Sioux Lookout courtroom on Monday for another chance at getting released from jail.


2 Replies to “Released on Violent Allegations, Breaching on Alcohol”

  1. It’s so sad to see young people choosing the road to hell. She’s likely a welfare mother with a kid(s) being cared for by her parents. A great role model indeed.

    So many of these young FN youths making dangerously bad decisions. Wannabe gangstas with a hate on for mainstream society. If she stays this course, she won’t see thirty years of age and her kids will be orphans.

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