Released from Jail Yesterday, Arrested Yesterday – Stolen Toyota


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Interestingly enough, I sat through a court appearance yesterday where a 37-year-old Kenneth Adam Myslicki plead guilty to attempting to cash a stolen cheque at “Cash 4 You” worth around $1480 on August 13th, 2019.

On January 6th, 2020 Myslicki appeared before Justice Frank Valente from the prisoner’s box and in handcuffs for the purpose of pleading guilty to a few charges. Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel was also present along with the talented criminal defence lawyer Scarfe. He takes the plea deal where he will plead guilty to a breach and possession of a stolen cheque. The other charges he is facing will be withdrawn once a guilty verdict is made.


Staff at the location checked into the cheque by calling the owner of the cheque and they said that there vehicle had been broken into and their cheques were stolen. They told staff at the Cash 4 You, located at 947 Memorial Avenue, that they did not write the cheque.

At that point, the staff of Cash 4 You stalled Myslicki and called 911.

Myslicki has outstanding warrants for his arrest in both Alberta and Manitoba. He was released on bail in both provinces and was court-ordered to live in each province. He is currently breaching those court orders as he is not residing at either location.


Police arrested Myslicki when he was at 220 Dundas Street after a 911 call was made reporting that unwanted people were in the home. The homeowner, Lisa Couch answered the door for police and told them that no 911 call was made and that everyone was fine. Police say that the person who called 911 identified themselves as Kenneth Adam Myslicki. Police performed a welfare check of everyone in the home and confirmed everyone was ok. A background check of Myslicki showed his warrants in Alberta and Manitoba and that he was in breach of his bail conditions. Police initiated the arrest.


Court hears that Myslicki has a significant criminal record that has 6 theft convictions, 1 stolen property conviction and 5 breaches of court order convictions. He says that he has 4 children, 2 with his current significant other. His mother is present in the body of the court and she has 1 of his 4 children.


Myslicki tells the court that when he first got put in the Thunder Bay District Jail about 25 days earlier, one of his first days at the facility there was a riot and smoke billowing throughout the building. He had to lay down on the ground and use his shirt to cover his mouth to help prevent at least some of the smoke from entering his lungs. The facility was on lockdown for 5 days after that situation, according to Myslicki.

A joint submission was put forth from the Crown and the defence which will see Myslicki’s 25 days served in jail enhanced to 38 days. This will put him in a “time-served” situation, meaning he will walk out of court a free man today. His sentence is going to be followed by 1 year of probation with the following conditions:

  • Not to attend the Cash 4 You located at 947 Memorial Ave.
  • Not to possess any identification, bank card, credit card or other banking documents that are not in his name.

Further, he is ordered to provide a DNA sample for the national DNA database. The victim fine surcharge is waived due to “undue hardship” it would cause him since he hasn’t worked in god-knows how long. Justice Valente accepts the joint submission and Myslicki is released from the prisoner’s box and his shiny handcuffs are taken off. He sits behind me in the body of the court.

Court stands down for administrative purposes and I speak to Myslicki. I ask him what his plan is considering he is still arrestable based on his bail conditions both in Alberta and Manitoba which court-order him to live in each province. He shrugs his shoulders and tells me his matters are “confidential”. I quickly rebut that statement by saying “No it’s not, it’s open court record. So what’s your plan? You could walk out of the courthouse today and be arrested right away. I would see you in bail court tomorrow morning, again.” He tells me that he has filed to have his outstanding matters in Alberta and Manitoba transferred to Thunder Bay to deal with them here.

He further tells me that he has kids and is going to make big changes in his life and wants to be a better person. His mother is sitting next to him and she is smiling from ear to ear. I took her smile as her feeling positive about her son’s future. She seems like a very nice lady, but sadly, I feel she is being taken advantage of.

Later that day, Myslicki was arrested while in possession of a stolen Toyota Highlander outside of the Egan Street cracked cocaine trap house. Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) arrested and transported Myslicki to the Balmoral Street TBPS Headquarters. He was held in police custody until the morning where he appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom for a swing at being released.

Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding this morning along with Crown Attorney Afton Brown and duty counsel lawyer Sandy Stewart. Mylicki is facing the following new charges since his release from jail less than 24 hours ago:

  • Possession of a stolen motor vehicle (Toyota Highlander).
  • Breaching bail conditions (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).
  • Breaching a probation order made on January 6th, 2020 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

The Crown tells the court that Myslicki is in a reverse-onus situation and that they have secondary concerns regarding his release from custody. They are not consenting to his release today. Secondary ground concerns indicate that the Crown believes that should Myslicki be released from custody, that he is substantially likely to re-offend, become a public safety concern, interfere with the administration of justice, or any combination of the three.


Duty counsel lawyer Stewart tells the court that he has instructions from Myslicki’s choice of lawyer, the talented Scarfe, to have the matter return to court on Thursday to give her time to craft his bail plan. Myslicki asks the court if he can say something once he figures out he isn’t being released today. Justice of the Peace Donio declines his request and orders him to remain in jail until at least his Thursday appearance.


Myslicki is headed to the Thunder Bay District Jail, where he will remain until at least Thursday. Sources indicate he has ran out of rope for his soap.


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  1. This must be “honkey” crime week in Dumpster Bay!

    Look up the word “asshole” in the dictionary and you’ll find this dimwits picture.

    Nothing worse than being this stupid and not knowing it. Dumb as the day is long.

    Lock the bastard up and ship him off to whatever province wants him.

  2. He needs to be out to sleep like a piece of shit raccoon… actually, apologies to raccoons..they are better than this crackhead… here’s to an overdose!

  3. The two kids his mom has are my kids not Adams and he isn’t their biological father what so ever, so that was a lie. His mom smiling in the court room behind him ( their both in on it, he does something stupid and she bails him out or tells him what’s what).
    Adam only has two kids with me, and two from two other girls in Alberta and Manitoba

    1. You picked a real winner eh? Hopefully your kids didn’t inherit the stupid you and this loser seem to have in common.

    2. Hi I am Lisa,s Mom , the two kids that Adam,s mom has are not there kids , they don,t belong to them nor related to them. as far as Adam says that they are his , well I can tell you they are not , my 2 little Granddaughters need to come home were they belong,as far as i am concern put him in jail , and keep his ass there. and its funny he and his mom has no intrests in his actual kids that he does have from 3 other women. this is very sad to say.

  4. There has always been junkies in Thunder Bay, the only thing that changed is the designer drugs which part of it comes from the goverments that are screwing up anybody and everybody. Cut the supply!!!!

    1. Never did this city have the concentration of drug addicts and alcoholics that we see today. NEVER!

      Twenty or thirty years ago, you could walk downtown without some crack head or wino aggressively trying to shake you down for money. Try it now and there’s a stinking freeloading alcoholic or drug addict bum on every corner. We never had crack houses on just about every second street either. Now they’re plentiful.

      Anyone who thinks things haven’t changed for the worst in Dumpster Bay hasn’t lived here long enough to know how bad the situation has actually gotten. Even out cops, courts and jails are stretched to the breaking point trying to manage the flood of drug and alcohol related criminals.

  5. This town USED to be such a great place to live and work in. I agree with Rex There are bums mooching on every corner now and at practically every store you try to shop at. I can not go out anytime without encountering a crackhead standing on an island mooching at the intersections in town or on my way into a grocery store. Those parasites seem to be everywhere. Too many suckers fall for their lies. People should not give them money. There are plenty of agencies where they can get something to eat. Most of the money good samaritans pay just enables those moochers to buy drugs or booze which in turn contributes to the crime here. I know someone who encountered a moocher outside the grocery store and he said he was starving. The decent person said ok I will go inside and buy you a sandwich at the deli if you wait here. The bum said ” Stick your Fu#*king sandwich I want some money.” The decent person then told the moocher how to get off. This city has too much filth and litter all over it. We have rats everywhere and not just the rodents. You are not safe in your own home anymore. This town is just one huge landfill overflowing with trash. So sad. It will probably never ever recover to its former happy past.

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