PUBLIC ADVISORY: Lurker Creeping Homes


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – An alarming but seemingly all-too-common occurrence is happening in the city’s north side.

Numerous tips are coming into our newsroom informing us about a lurker that is creeping around homes, likely checking them out in hopes of robbing them later on.


One resident tells us that a person was at their door screaming and pounding, begging for help while crying that they had just gotten stabbed.

The resident is well-informed of the state of Thunder Bay A.K.A. “Gangsters Paradise” and refused to open the door to the desperate person. Instead, a 911 call was made seeking help for them.

Typically, the person fled the scene before police arrived. Similar stories are echoed across a number of tips we received this evening and they all spawn out of the 288 Windsor and Picton Avenue area.


Residents in the area are urged to lock their doors and windows tonight. This is clearly not someone who’s been stabbed.


5 Replies to “PUBLIC ADVISORY: Lurker Creeping Homes”

  1. Sad,isnt it?
    Not only that good people are being put upon by low life entitled.
    But, the same good people, if in dire need of help, will be turned away by others because of the justified fear that has now invaded society.
    Our world isnt the same- but bleeding hearts wanted this and continue to support and embolden the criminals, the users and abusers.
    Do not be fooled-

  2. Too much of this shit going on in Dumpster Bay. The criminals are running and ruining the city thanks to our gutless courts. They’ve nothing to fear from the law because there is NO law. Cops apprehend them and courts release them within hours or days of being charged and tried.

    Sooner or later, people with begin to respond to these thugs with reciprocal violence. Bang on my door like that, better be prepared to need an ambulance – for real, never mind your fake injuries. You’ll have plenty of real ones needing attention.

  3. We will not open our door to anyone we do not know anymore in this city. Our doors are locked 24/7 even if we are out in the yard. Anyone that comes through any of our doors without our permission will be going out in much different manner. The police cant and the laws wont protect us anymore so we are left no alternative but to fend for ourselves. Which doesnt really bother me because proper justice will be served. My system has zero sympathy for anyone foolish enought to think otherwise.


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