Prolonged Police Presence in the East End


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Since last night officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have had a police presence steadily at an address in the East End.
A home next to where a police cruiser was parked earlier today is where a crack and fentanyl bust happened about a year ago. Walter Kis, Wendy Sampara, a male from Toronto and a youth were arrested during that incident.
Last night, on Sunday Evening, police swarmed the home and it appeared that they stormed the home, possibly arresting everyone inside.
Police have been tight lipped so far about what happened. For police to be holding the scene this long is never a good sign. Typically, when police hold a crime scene for this long, something serious has happened beyond a drug bust. Officers usually clear out from a drug bust within hours.
We didn’t manage to make it in bail court this morning to dig up further details. We expect to have more information tomorrow.
Anyone with video footage, photos or additional information is asked to text us at 807-355-8917 or email us at


2 Replies to “Prolonged Police Presence in the East End”

  1. Thunder Bay city council AND police have just abandoned that entire neighbourhood. They let crackhouses and drug houses fester and stew, they let property owners get away with leaving their slummy buildings to sit and rot (Tapak’s grocery, anyone? Easy End video?) for YEARS on end. The elderly population who have paid taxes for decades are left defenceless and can’t even walk in their own neighbourhood. It’s sickening. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city with heritage and churches, businesses… do your job, city council. Get on these slumlords, install a community policing outpost.

    1. Hey Rubes! You are so correct about everything you said! I grew up in the east end and have great memories! I still have family and friends there, and it’s sad when I go visiting! Back in the day Tapaks used to be the workers co-op. I can’t imagine living next door to the mess it is now! I don’t think he would want his family living next to that pig pen. Shame on Tapaks for letting it get in that shape. Same goes for East End Video which used to be Busets groceries! To many other places to list! Maybe some petitions should go around and bring them to city hall These people that own these dumps should be held accountable !! One would think they would care about the neighbourhood and there neighbours! SAD!!

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