Poop Gets Tossed in Cells at OPP Detachment


(MARATHON, ON) – On December 11th, 2019, Gilbert Labine and his client, 30-year-old Alisha Cooper (pictured) appeared in courtroom 102 of the Thunder Bay Courthouse in order to dish out a guilty plea regarding a few incidents that had happened in the small town of Marathon, Ontario.

Her Honour, Justice Elaine Burton was presiding along with a Crown Attorney that I’ve never seen before and criminal defence lawyer Gilbert Labine. Court begins with Cooper pleading guilty to a number of charges. Those charges are assault police, breaching bail conditions x2 and mischief x2.

The Crown begins to read in the agree statement of facts into the court record. It all began on June 15th, 2019 when a disturbance call came in to the Marathon Ontario Provincial Police regarding an incident at a local residence. The 911 call came in from a friend of the victim as the victim has a language barrier and could not make the call themselves. The victims residence was having a children’s birthday party on that day which included outdoor activities. Around that time is when Cooper came out of her unit and started yelling and screaming which frightened not only the children, but also the adults. Police arrived shortly after and approached Coopers door. When they spoke to Cooper, officers encountered her as she was yelling and screaming incoherently. Police noticed her bloodshot eyes and determined that she was intoxicated on either drugs, alcohol or possibly both. Officers managed to get control of Cooper and placed her under arrest, she was handcuffed.

As police escorted her to the police vehicle, she threatened police, spit on the police car, kicked and scratched police, basically attacking officers at every opportunity. This behaviour continued for some time.

On June 22, 2019, police are once again dispatched to the same location as previously for a ‘neighbour dispute in progress’. The same victim reports that she was making dinner for her children when Cooper was sitting outside with one of her friends. One of the victims childrens toys rolled over near Cooper’s patio which sparked Cooper to start yelling and swearing at the child. Police attended and when speaking with Cooper, they determined her behaviour to be erratic and while speaking with her they observed her grinding up a substance believed to be cannabis. At the time, Cooper was on bail conditions to not possess or consume any intoxicating substances without a medical prescription. Officers arrested her and brought her down to the OPP detachment.

While at the detachment in a holding cell. She got partially naked in her cell and was soaking toilet paper with water then throwing it at the walls. She was given a gown for privacy at this point. At that point she took the gown off, stuffed it in the toilet, urinated on it, then swung it around the cell getting bodily fluids on the walls.

On June 23rd, 2019, Cooper was released from police custody on an officer in charge undertaking and was on a condition not to contact her neighbour.

June 30th, 2019, police were once again dispatched to the same address regarding yet another dispute. This time Cooper is said to have threatened the neighbours mother, which would have been the children’s grandmother. Police attended and determined that Cooper was not supposed to have any contact with the neighbour. Police arrested and transported Cooper to the Marathon OPP detachment once again. While at the detachment, Cooper became upset that officers would only give her a partial roll of toilet paper due to the previous incident. Cooper took a dump in the toilet and then threw the poop on the floor, wall and general cell area. An officer left the area and managed to get the door closed just as a piece of poop hit the door he exited from. This renderer the cells contaminated and needed to be cleaned up.

Court hears that Cooper only has one previous entry on her criminal record. Coopers neighbour has now moved out of that apartment block, according to Labine. Labine said in court that his clients behaviour was “somewhat bizarre”. She has undertaken counselling since her last release from police custody.

A joint submission is put forth that would have Cooper credited 15 days of time in jail to be used up by the charge of assault police and all remaining charges to be rolled into a “suspended sentence”. A suspended-sentence means that she will be on probation for 12 months and if she catches a charge during that time, the Judge can return to this matter and give her a different sentence for this incident.

She is in a time-served position and will start her probation today. Her probation conditions are:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  • Attend counselling as required by your probation officer.
  • Not to contact the victim.
  • Write letters of apology to the OPP and to the Victim.

Cooper apologizes to the court and says that this was very out of character for her. The Crown withdrew all remaining charges Cooper was facing upon the finding of guilt for the charges she plead guilty to.


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