Police Remind Citizens That This is NOT “Handsfree”


(ONTARIO) – Distracted driving laws have become stricter in recent years with fines hitting around the $2000 mark.
Having a handsfree device such as a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth connection to your vehicles stereo are considered “handsfree” and won’t land you in hot water.
Some people think that just having the phone on the speakerphone setting is enough to dodge a distracted driving fine…. it’s not.
Distracted driving is many things, all of which make you an unsafe driver on the road. Please obey the law and drive safe.
It has been proven that drinking and driving is just as dangerous as distracted driving.
”Sigh…let’s go over this again. Having the phone on speaker doesn’t make it hands-free. NOT holding the phone in your hand is hands-free. It can wait. Just hang up and drive.” – Quite from the Ontario Provincial Police.


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  1. I am in no way supporting using a mobile device whilst driving but cheese and rice!!! You don’t have to hold the flippin thing up like that ON SPEAKER PHONE !!!
    Pure idiocy

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