Police Release Robbery Suspect on PTA


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Front line officers make arrest, big boss makes the release. Back on the streets before even seeing a court room. No name released either in this police report below:
Thunder Bay Police Service officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were dispatched to a reported robbery at 777 Memorial Avenue shortly after 7:15 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22.
After police arrived they learned that an accused female had entered the men’s clothing department of the Memorial Avenue Wal-Mart shortly after 7 p.m. She then collected some items and placed them in her handbag and proceeded toward the store’s exit.
As she exited she was confronted by a loss prevention officer outside of the store. The accused then assaulted the loss prevention officer in an attempt to flee. Despite this attempt the accused was still at the store when police arrived on scene.
Officers collected evidence and recovered the stolen merchandise from the accused woman’s handbag.
As a result, a 32-year-old Thunder Bay woman was charged with Robbery.
She was released on a promise to appear with a future court date.


2 Replies to “Police Release Robbery Suspect on PTA”

  1. Wouldn’t want to be a retailer in Dumpster Bay. The amount of outright theft is unfathomable. Regular tax paying, upstanding citizens need to realize that all of this theft and robbery costs each and every one of us.
    These thieving lowlife creeps are driving up the price of stuff when they rip off the retailers. Sure, retailers have insurance but when their losses are substantial, their premiums go up and that cost is passed onto us consumers. When we see these slime bags in action, report it to the authorities.
    If these thieves had half a brain, they’d realize that working for a living is a much better way to survive. However, our luxurious welfare system makes it far too easy for them not to even think about getting a job.

    1. Rex I totally agree with you. I was recently on the west coast and Alaska for 3 weeks. It was like being in heaven to NOT be accosted by bums very time you turn around. Sure there are tent cities but those people mostly keep to themselves. I cant go anyplace in Dumpster Day without some low life begging for drug money or seeing a drunk you know who pissing on the sidewalk or laying passed out on the boulevard.. I rarely to go to Thunder Centre . And I always have someone with go me now and i dont carry money or a purse. I try to avoid shopping here as much as possible. I order online because of the hassle from those bums I get everytime try to enter a store. My sister was accosted outside a grocery store by a male bum begging for food money. She said she didnt have cash but would buy him a sandwich with her ATM He told her to stick her Fu%#* sandwich. The ER here is a joke and nothing but a B&B for those crackheads to sleep it off. Really sick people must wait til the scumbags sleep it off for a bed to become available. The police are working under unimaginable stress not only from the sheer volume of body garbage they have to deal from both the inside and outside. Then they get thrown under the bus by those circus leaders. Totally Disgusting .I am surprised they ALL are not off on stress leave. This city used to be such a gem and now it is just one big crap filled toilet. Too bad most of my family lives here and I dont want to leave them but the idea to flee this hellhole is always there.

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