POLICE PRESENCE: TBPS Swarms South Side Apartment Building


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – UPDATE: 12:39 am Police appear to have cleared out. There may be a cruiser or two still on location.

EARLIER:  A huge police presence is currently rattling the south side at the moment. We got some limited and unconfirmed details below.


Numerous Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) cruisers have surrounded the apartment building located at 1100 Lincoln. They also have a part of Donald Street between Marks and Vickers blocked off. It’s not certain if police are focused on the large apartment buildings or one of the neighbouring structures. There is a home on Donald that has numerous officers giving it attention as well.

Residents in the area believe that there is a raid happening at possibly multiple homes in the area. Some of the homes were said to be southern Ontario gang members trap houses. Police had several presences happening simultaneously surrounding at least 3 distinct and separate locations that we noticed.

A group of residents that were standing around the scene in the area tell us that 2 suspects were seen walking in the area shortly before the police presence unfolded and that one of them had what appeared to be a gun.


Some residents are saying that they think a murder may have happened in the city today. This information was not able to be independently verified.

The proximity to the Maac’s where an armed robbery took place this morning where two suspects entered the store and demanded cash leads some residents in the area to believe that TBPS has closed in on the suspects.

Citizens are advised to avoid the area until police have cleared the scene. TBPS’ Emergency Task Unit are on location and heavily armed. Further, the police K-9 Unit was also on location, searching various areas throughout.

Most cruisers have their lights flashing as they hold the scene. Below is our video coverage from on location.

Video 2 is below showing another angle of the police presence.

Below are some photos from the scene.


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  1. I hope they catch those two lowlife snakes who used firearms to do the robbery.

    Those fools made a very, very serious error in their selection of weapons to do a corner store hold up. The punks are in for some serious time when caught. Gladue (if applicable) and weak kneed judges will be hard pressed to save their useless asses.

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