Police Presence Surrounding Victoriaville Incident


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) forensics unit are currently on scene of a possible and likely stabbing in the city’s south side down town core.

The entrance to Victoriaville Mall at Brodie Street and Victoria Ave currently have police there investigating. Police have two males in custody pertaining to this incident. A short distance away a home near Violet and May was entered by police and a woman was seen being taken into police custody. Further details about her will be made available soon.


A couple piles of blood can be seen just inside the entrance to the mall along with what appears to be someone’s personal belongings. At least one person has been taken to the hospital.

Details are thin at this point and police are tight lipped about what happened.

People in the area are claiming that a stabbing had taken place.


The intersection is well-known for loitering and constant and blatant drug dealing activities, even tho the bar many blamed has been relocated for some time now.

More details will be published as they become available.

UPDATE at the link below:


9 Replies to “Police Presence Surrounding Victoriaville Incident”

  1. The city needs to bulldoze this hellhole to the ground because ever since its opened 40 YEARS AGO it has been plagued with crime. This “mall” creates NO revenue. ZERO. ZILCH! If the losers that hang out there need a warm place they can go to a friends, families, the shelter, because enough is enough. They few times a year I go there to pay my taxes all I see is disgustingly dirty people and drug deals…lots and LOTS of drug deals! It’s time to pull the plug on this shithole!

    1. Same can be said for the entire city.

      40 years ago, we didn’t have these problems. This sh!t started ten to fifteen years ago with the influx of the worst of a certain demographic and more and more are coming.

      Between them and the drug dealing snakes from the south, the city is in big trouble. It’s a mere shadow of what it once was.

  2. When I see stories like this I offer a prayer for the people involved and those affected. Addiction is not something many can run from. Some are “born” into it. Try and understand why they are hurting themselves instead of adding to their pain. Seriously. Being kind is “tax free”.

    1. You’re delusional Ray.

      Every time you see a rat, do you pray for it to go away?

      Like praying in an airplane spiralling toward the ground. Good luck with that.

    2. I was “borned” into a family who does but I’ll never touch these drugs for everyone saying “drug dealers snakes” etc but I seen overdose from these drugs seeing death every month, closest family who fell into drugs never came out of that addiction, I never want my money going to that and being “victim” for 20 years living in tbay and not once I wanna start drugs, alcohol, anything bad from the tramua, I wanna heal the better way therapy.

  3. The victim wasnt the thunder bay police first concern…as they decided to make an arrest to a Male who had jus left the lobby. 4:10 police r there. 4: 29 ambulance sirens are turned on at bridie n may intersection. And yet no support to the male stabbed in chest with clearly blood loss that looks immensely intense.

    1. If it was a case of rats taking out rats, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the victim either.

      The fewer rats we have, the better right?

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