POLICE PRESENCE: Shoppers Drug Mart Red River Road


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A strong police presence is currently established at a north side Shoppers Drug Mart location, for reasons unknown as of the time of this article being published.
Numerous police cruisers, at least 4, were spotted by our source in the area.
A number of police officers were also on location, estimated to be at least 6.
Roughly 6 people had their hands placed on police cruisers and appeared to be subjected to searches and questioning.

Police are tight lipped about the situation and one of our sources in the area were asked to keep away from the situation as they hoped to overhear what was going on.
UPDATE: There is also a large police presence on Picton Ave and police and suspects have been spotted in a foot chase between the two areas. Police have a vehicle pulled over on Picton as well with what looks like numerous people being detained.
Anyone with further information or pictures is asked to contact us via text message at 807-355-8917 or email at tips@trcctb.com. We will continue to update this article as information becomes available.


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  1. What? People can’t pick up mouthwash, aftershave and hairspray anymore without paying for it?
    So much for personal hygiene on a budget…..
    What’s wrong with this society?

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