UPDATED: POLICE PRESENCE: Franklin Street Crime Scene


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have been holding a crime scene at a south side residence since last evening.
Police tape stretches across the front of 3 homes on the block.

The double levels of police tape make it clear that no one is to enter the home.
A resident in the area tells us that there was an area of the sidewalk that was covered in blood although it didn’t appear to be “murderous amounts” to them. The police have been present since about 7:45pm yesterday.
An unmarked police truck that is stationed in front of the home in question has an Emergency Task Unit member monitoring the home. A marked police cruiser is holding the rear of the home.

Police rarely hold crime scenes this long unless there has been a suspicious death. We are speculating that someone has died, possibly murdered. Another possibility is someone has been seriously injured and it is uncertain if they will survive. Typically, we have noticed police will release the scene once the person is expected to survive.
UPDATE: 4:14 P.M. the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Forensics Unit is on location of the Franklin Street incident. This indicates that something substantial has occurred. Police are still tight lipped about what they have heard or know.

UPDATE: 4:46 pm The crime scene tape across the front of the homes, engulfing the sidewalk, has been removed. Two police cruisers remain in the back alley.

This is a developing story and we will continue to bring you updates.


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