MURDER: Cumberland Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police officers responded to a North Cumberland Street address regarding a report of a male on the ground possibly beaten with a bat, shortly after 11 pm. Wednesday, March 20.

Police arrived on scene and located 2 male victims. The one victim became unresponsive and later pronounced deceased. The second victim was transported to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center with undisclosed injuries.


A 22 year old Thunder Bay man was arrested a short distance from the scene, has been arrested for:

  • Second degree murder
  • Aggravated assault
  • Breach of recognizance
  • Breach of probation

The accused is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning. TRCCTB.COM has been told the accuseds first name is Nathaniel. He was already out on bail and on probation for previous charges.

The name of the victim is being held pending the notification of next of kin.


The scene is being held and the investigation continues.

No other details available at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this incident please call the Thunder Bay Police Service at 684-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at

Photo credit Ron and Joanna


5 Replies to “MURDER: Cumberland Street”

  1. We drove by there were 6 cruisers and the forensic unit…officers were also seen going upstair to an apartment in a building a couple doors down

  2. Wow.
    Last night I could hear someone screaming bloody murder around 10:30 in the hillcrest area.
    Wonder if it’s related?

  3. That’s what happens when you have people released on probation, second probation and so on. This system is broken and criminals know it. Its only time before they do more of the same or worse. Prayers go to family of deceased.

  4. What I find more alarming than all these murders , assaults and drug dens is how SILENT Bill Mauro and the rest of council is . We elect these people to run this city and not a peep out of them , it’s almost like there’s nobody in council chambers . It’s high time to take these officials to task and start asking them the hard questions !

  5. Another person out on bail and commits another crime. This time murder. Wow. Isn’t our justice system working just wonderfully ??

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