Police Presence: Cumberland Street North


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another stabbing we are hearing about in the city’s north side this week.

Residents in that area of Cumberland and Van Horne have told TRCC News in an interview that yet another stabbing has taken place.

Our sources tell us that a man had left his door unlocked and perpetrators entered his unit, brutally stabbing the man. We have not been able to find out if the man survived his injuries, although neighbours  are certain injuries were severe.

The door can be seen left open in the main photo of this article.

Details are thin at this point, but this stabbing is believed to have been targeted and surrounding the drug trade.

It is uncertain at this point if this stabbing has any ties to southern Ontario gangs, but it is likely.


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  1. I wish we had a big cage or a big pit to put all these gang bangers in, see how tough they are then, let them feed off eachother until there’s none left. I can promise you that noone here will miss them even for a second

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