UPDATED: POLICE PRESENCE: Beer Store on Fort William Road


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious situation has unfolded at an area Beer Store today.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have taped off a large area believed to be the location of a serious incident.

The area behind the Beer Store on Fort William Road is taped off with crime scene tape and has officers monitoring the location.

Typically, when police tape off an area and guard it, it is due to a suspicious death or an incident where someone has sustained serious injuries, typically life threatening.
A weapon is believed to have been used, likely an edged weapon.
This situation was the result of a very serious assault where the victim has been taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries, according to a person in the area.

The area around this beer store is known for its aggressive panhandlers and public intoxication.
UPDATE: 8:20pm. Police have already cleared the scene and removed the crime scene tape. What does this mean?
It is likely that the injured person will survive their injuries.
We have been told the victim sustained serious injuries to their chest.
I went and lurked the area where the crime scene tape had quarantined off. Below are some interesting photos which reveal what type of activities took place there.

Above: Some Kelly’s Wine cartons.

Above: Some bags of what appears to be personal belongings.

Above: Garbage scattered around the area.

Above: Shopping carts tilted on their sides, typically used as benches.

Above: Hand sanitizer, typically used to prevent the spread of germs and to keep good hygiene.