Police Nail Motorist – Speeding and Distracted Driving

(IGNACE, ON) – A motorist that was cruising through a 50km/h zone on Highway 17 through Ignace, Ontario at 99km/h while holding a cell phone is in some hot water.


Officers with the Ignance detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police initiated a traffic stop on Highway 17 and investigated a driver they allege was hitting 99km/h while on a cell phone.

The speeding cell phone user was also doing this in a “community safety zone”, where fines are increased.

After a brief investigation, the officer handed over two fines totaling just over $1330.

OPP Would like to remind and urge the public to drive safe, within speed limits and never use a hand held device while driving. Safety on our roadways is of the utmost importance.


It is not known if the speeder will challenge the tickets in court or pay up as soon as possible.


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