Police Make Arrest: Drug Trafficking & Impaired Driving


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this year, 29-year-old Jessica Shawna-Lee Youmans was arrested along with Matthew Anness regarding the trafficking and possession of drugs banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

On November 8th, 2019, Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service once again arrested Jessica Shawna-Lee Youmans, this time for allegations of operating a conveyance while impaired by drugs or alcohol. She was also further charged with possession of percocets and hydromorphone.


She appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning via video link while in police custody at the Balmoral TBPS station. His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding over matters today along with  Federal Crown Attorney Misbah Haque, Provincial Crown Attorney Arbour and duty counsel lawyer Justin Mcconnell.

Youmans charges are:

  • Operate while impaired.
  • Possession of a substance banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act x3.
  • Possession of a substance banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for the purpose of trafficking.

We have not been able to confirm if her employment listed on her Facebook account is legitimate.


Federal Crown Misbah Haque indicates to the courts that he has concerns regarding her release surrounding the secondary-grounds. He says he has “serious concerns of reoffending” and states that she was caught possibly trafficking, possibly consuming and possibly driving while impaired. He tells the court that she is in a reverse-onus situation, which means she will have to show the courts why she should be released.

Further, the Federal Crown requests that Youmans be court-ordered not to contact her co-accused for the drug trafficking charge, Matthew Anness, while she is in jail.

Duty counsel tells the courts that he has spoken with Youmans and will inform her lawyer of choice, David Bruzzese, of her current situation. The matter is requested to return to court on Wednesday November 13th, 2019.

The Justice of the Peace orders Youmans to remain in jail and not to contact her co-accused. She is escorted back to her holding cell at the TBPS station where she will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre.


3 Replies to “Police Make Arrest: Drug Trafficking & Impaired Driving”

  1. This town must be a freaking goldmine for lawyers!

    Seems that half the population of Dumpster Bay are criminals actively involved in crime. By the looks of all the reoffenders, it seems they never “retire”.

    These two are prime examples of how to turn bright prospects for a prosperous future into a life of crime and jail sentences. Hopefully, they’ll clear out the sh!t between their ears and smarten up. However, drug addiction can have a powerful hold on weak people which is very difficult to overcome.

  2. Kinda scary to think she works with special needs and the elderly , hopefully she isn’t ripping these individuals off to feed her addiction . Hoping these agencies do drug screening on offenders to protect those in there care!

  3. The last few months Jess was NOT working – when addiction takes control of your life you tend to leave everything good about your life behind. Giving you all peace of mind that she was NOT working in the midst of her addiction.
    Even in her addiction she is a great person; just sucks that addiction and the drug lifestyle consumed her – I hope she sees this as an opportunity to get herself cleaned up and sober.

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