Police Charge Alleged Abduction Victim


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 17 an officer with the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Uniform Patrol Branch took a report of an attempted abduction that was said to have taken place in the evening hours of Monday, Sept. 16.
29-year-old Sheena Morningstar Slaney (pictured) called 911 to report two men in a vehicle attempted to abduct her on the Tuesday evening. In her statement she said she was walking eastbound on Red River Road heading toward the Clarkson Street bus stop when an SUV pulled up near her and near the sidewalk.
She told police males from the vehicle asked if she wanted a ride, and when she refused they exited the vehicle in an attempt to aggressively insist she accept their offer. She also told police she eventually caught a bus at the Clarkson Street stop, at which point she noticed the men in the SUV follow her to her destination.
The investigation became a major case for the Criminal Investigations Branch. As part of that investigation an appeal was made to the public for witnesses or anyone with video in the area to come forward.
Following the thorough collection and examination of evidence, which included video footage in the areas where the alleged incident was said to have taken place, investigators were able to determine the statement provided to police was false.
As a result officers formally charged a 29-year-old Thunder Bay woman with Public Mischief in the evening hours of Friday, Sept. 20. She was given a promise to appear with a future court date.
The Thunder Bay Police Service would like to remind the public that false reports can be subject to criminal charges. Cases of attempted abduction are taken seriously and such investigations can be a significant drain on police investigative resources.
In this particular case the 911 call was made during a time when officers were dealing with a high call volume.
The woman’s boyfriend posted this to social media in response to the mischief charge “On Monday September 16 2019 there was an attempted abduction of my fiancée. 2 black males (one other unidentified person in the back seat of the vehicle) exited their vehicle and approached my fiancée outside of the KFC restaurant on Red River Rd. They offered her a ride home but after declining their offer they attempted to box her in and insisted she enter their vehicle. When she told them she would contact police if they refused to leave her alone they returned to their vehicle. She waited at the Shell gas station at the corner of Red River and Clarkson for the Memorial Northwood bus. When she got onto the bus she noticed the vehicle that had approach her follow the same bus. This following continued from the Shell gas station on Red River Rd (Port Arthur) up until Victoria & Marks (Fort William/Northwood)… this is at least a 1 hour travel. A 911 call was made as soon as she had the means to do so (home). Police later called that night to inform her that no police officer was able to make it to the residence due to high volume of emergencies in the city. A police officer came the next morning around 8am to take her statement. The next day police contacted her instructing her they have a possible make on the vehicle and wanted her to make a video statement confirming the events. Tonight (Friday September 20) two detectives dispatched from the TBPS came to our residence to serve my fiancée with a court date for public mischief. They informed her shes being charged because the police failed to find evidence of the abductors from Circle K, KFC, Shell or the (inside) bus recordings. Her attempted abduction is being brushed off because the police lacks “video evidence” but will charge any being due to word of mouth.
Human trafficking is now a real issue in Thunder Bay! If police wont stand up, will you?!”
Police media release guy confusingly asked people not to share anything unless it was from “official sources”, yet again. This is either a slap to the face for anyone sharing their story on social media or they don’t consider themselves an “official source” as they themselves put out the abduction attempt. The “old boys club” circle jerk continues.
Should this woman’s story end up being proven falsified in court, it also slaps every legitimate victim in the face.


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  1. So many claims of attempted abduction yet, never a picture or video of said abductors, vehicle or license plate? I always smell a rat when these abduction claims are made but never supported with any evidence whatsoever other than abductee’s word. Good to see TBPS charging this woman.

  2. I couldn’t agree more!! According to her boyfriend she had to wait until she got home to call it in!! Who now a days doesn’t have a cell phone!! Really, what a waste of tax payer dollars having the police following up on stupidity like this bogus crap!! So glad the charged her!! You want publicity…. YOU GOT IT!!! Hahaha!! Good job TBPS!!

    1. Psycho needs her head read. So desperate for attention to pull a stupid stunt like this? She most definitely needs to see a shrink.
      Can’t help but wonder about other claims of abduction attempts like the one on Beverly St. either earlier this year or last year? Sounds like the same two black guys in a black s.u.v.? I call bullsh!t with that one too.

  3. Red River road? Busy street , no witnesses either hmmmm. I agree with the above poster about a lack of picture and or of video evidence in many if these cases. Everyone has cellphones nowadays.
    Fake abduction stories scare the living hell out of all woman anytime they are outside their homes.
    People do not feel safe thinking they might be next.
    Book her Dano!

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