Police Arrest Stolen Vehicle Suspect, Lay Charge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On November 22nd, 2019, hardworking officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a call from a staff member at the Midtown Inn that reported a stolen vehicle being spotted in the parking lot of the business.

Allegations are that 25-year-old Brian Hiebert borrowed a 2010 pick-up truck from OK Tire on November 22nd, 2019 and was supposed to return it to the business by 2:00 pm. 2:00 pm came and went and the vehicle was not returned. The truck was reported stolen to police at that time and was later located at the Midtown Inn.


Police put out a warrant for the arrest of Hiebert and have executed that arrest warrant. Hiebert was held in police custody pending a court appearance for the courts to decide his bail conditions.

He appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the TBPS station located at 1200 Balmoral Street this morning. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and knowledgeable duty counsel lawyer Stella Vallelungo.


Hiebert is facing a single charge of theft of a motor vehicle. This isn’t Hiebert’s first time dealing with the charge as court hears that he was previously granted a diversion for the same charge on July 30th, 2019.


The Crown tells the courts that Hiebert in currently in a Crown-onus situation, which means the Crown would have to carry the burden of showing the courts why Hiebert should be held in jail. Further, the Crown states that he has secondary ground concerns but that those concerns could be alleviated with the following proposed bail plan.

Put forth before the courts by the Crown is an undertaking bail plan with the following conditions:

  • Report address within 24 hours of being released from police custody.
  • Report any change of address with 24 hours.
  • Not to contact the owner of OK Tire.
  • Not to be with 50 meters of anywhere the owner of OK lives, works, goes to school or otherwise frequents.
  • Not to be in possession of any motor vehicle that is not registered in your name without expressed written permission that is carried on your person and produced to police on demand.

The conditions proposed are agreed upon by Hiebert through duty counsel and he is granted his release from police custody. He is scheduled to reappear in court on December 31st to begin answering to the charge laid on him.


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