Police Arrest Another Car-Hopper Downtown PA


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On September 6th, 2019 officers of the Thunder Bay Police Service were dispatched to the north-side downtown area around the Thai Kitchen after reports were made that a male was lurking around parking lots and attempting to get into vehicles and rummaging through them when he did.
A REAL Concerned Citizen was observing the suspect attempting to enter vehicles and then spotted the male successfully enter a vehicle and rummage through it. The observant citizen approached the situation and knocked the window of the vehicle.
It was at this point that the suspect fled the area on foot. A REAL Concerned Citizen pursuit the suspect and a 911 call was made. Police arrived on scene and arrested the suspect a short distance away. Upon making the arrest, an american passport of a tourist was found on the suspect along with a stolen “vape”, among other items which were located in a backpack he had. The American tourist was located at the Prince Arthur Hotel and he confirmed his vehicle was rummaged through as well.
Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning, via video link from the Thunder Bay Police Service station (A.K.A. Hotel Balmoral) was 30-year-old Jonathan Jourdain. His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding over the matter along with Crown Attorney Derrick Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer Robert Habjan.
Jourdain was charged with the following criminal charges stemming from a car hopping incident on September 6th, 2019:

  • Theft under $5000.
  • Possession of stolen property.
  • Breach of probation x2 (Keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

What’s interesting, but not entirely clear, is that it seems Jourdain might be currently on two separate probation orders stemming from two previous court matters. Jourdain is already working his way through the criminal justice system as he has 3 breach of probation charges pre-dating the incident yesterday.
The Crown indicates that although this is a reverse-onus situation, he is agreeable to releasing Jourdain on the following conditions:

  • $500 non-deposit recognizance of bail.
  • Notify police within 24 hours of being released.
  • Do not contact or communicate with 5 people.
  • Not to attend within 50 meters of anywhere those 5 people may be.
  • Not to attend within 50 meters of the Thai Kitchen.
  • Not to be found loitering in any parking lots.

It is indicated that Jourdain’s lawyer of choice is Gilbert Labine, but Labine was not present in court today. The duty counsel lawyer handled Jourdain’s matter and he was released. Jourdain’s next court date is September 17th, when he is scheduled to begin answering to these charges.
Non of these charges have been proven in court. A photo was used of a Jonathan Jourdain in an earlier version of this article who was the incorrect Jonathan Jourdain, we apologize for that error was we strive for perfection. When errors are made, we correct them and apologize to those who were effected. We have been told there are two Jonathan Jourdains in town who look similar and are both born in February.