(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Around midnight, as the eastern standard time zone changed from 2019 to 2020, a male became the victim in this year’s, and decade’s first stabbing in the great city of Thunder Bay.

What we have pieced together is that the victim and the assailant were inside the notorious northside bar “Dragons Den”. This bar is in the same building as the Landmark Hotel and LCBO located at 1010 Dawson Road.

The two were engaged in some mouthing-off and general cockiness inside the bar throughout the evening.

Sources indicate that the stabbing victim went outside to enjoy some fresh air and suck back a cigarette, possibly two cigarettes. It is at this point that the assailant started a fistfight with the victim, in which the victim beat his ass.

The assailant was then being instigated to attack the stabbing victim by what appeared to be friends of the assailant. The assailant then approached the stabbing victim, swinging the knife at him numerous times.

The knife punctured the victim 4 times, twice in the chest, once in the armpit and once in the ear. One of the knife wounds on the chest punctured his lungs and came within 1 centimetre of striking the mans heart.

The victim was rushed to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he remains in serious but stable condition. It is unknown if the assailant was arrested yet.


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  1. It is time the ministry of health stops paying for circumstances such as this. If alcohol or drugs are involved then you should have to pay yourself for treatment. Taxpayers are tired of paying for trash like this. Insurance companies will void any policy if alcohol or illegal substances are involved and thats what should be done in cases like this. But as long as those abusers of the system dont have to pay themselves, there will be no end in sight of this crap.

    1. Hey dumb asses just be glad it’s not you or your loved ones..maybe move to another country that doesn’t support its citizen’s well being if you have a problem. If this happened to your family or friend I’m sure you wouldn’t say shit and you’d have compassion and relief they survived and money wasn’t a blockade on survival. We are lucky that we have our healthcare system to give a fighting chance at survival. This is a life that is lucky to still be alive, no one deserves this. Ignorant f***ing people, wow.

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