Peter Panetta’s House Got Broken Into: “Grinch” Crew Strikes Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Peter Panetta has reached out to us to help him inform the public that his home was victimized by yet another ‘break and enter’ which happened in the city.

The suspect(s) broke their way into his home and stole numerous items, just days before Christmas.


Peter Panetta is well-known in the city for his charitable work with youths and vulnerable people. He runs the Underground Gym which was recently closed down due to a Simpson Street fire that ripped through the Hells Angel’s Clubhouse, Rizzo’s Cabinets and torched neighbouring businesses.

His home was broken into by force, the door’s lock was busted and his VISA card was also stolen. Thousands of dollars were racked up on the card. The suspects knew exactly where to go and where the valuables were. He suspects he knows who it was as they knew his VISA PIN number, likely by looking over his shoulder while making purchases. The suspect(s) went on a shopping spree at Intercity Mall and surveillance footage of that is available. It is believed that the suspect(s) are linked to the “Grinch” articles we wrote earlier.

Panetta tells us that he is very concerned that his UGG tax receipt books were stolen and he believes that the robbers will try to solicit funds for the Underground Gym from unsuspecting citizens and keep the money. Everyone needs to be aware and call the police if anyone attempts to fundraise on behalf of the Underground Gym.


Other items stolen include Panetta’s laptop, cash and personal heirlooms. He is planning on checking out the local pawn shops in hopes of recovering these items, some of which are close to his heart.

He said that he has called the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) and reported the situation over the telephone, but police have not responded to the scene as of this morning at 7:00 pm. Anyone with information about who broke into our beloved member of the community is urged to contact TBPS at 807-684-1200. Remember, if you provide information to Crime Stoppers that leads to a conviction, you could get up to $2000 in reward money. The Crime Stoppers website for anonymous, reward eligible information is


(THUNDER BAY, ON, December 21st, 2019) – There is a “grinch” in Thunder Bay, likely cracked out on hard drugs and is lurking around, day and night, breaking into homes and stealing not only Christmas presents from right out under the tree, but numerous other items of value in the homes.

This guy is lurking around Westfort and has been breaking into homes both day and night. The video we obtained is a brazen break and enter with a theft which happened around 1:00 pm in the afternoon.


Numerous homes have fallen prey to this jerk. One victim tells us that this a-hole stole not only her dead brother’s ashes but also her grandfathers. Jewellery, cameras, car keys, video game consoles, speakers, books, Roku, and tons and tons of jewellery has been reported as stolen by the “Grinch”.

One victim tells us that they have informed the police and dropped off video footage, but when they call to ask what’s going on, they say they have been told that the investigating officer is currently on time off. The “Grinch” is at-large and roaming the city, stealing Christmas.

If you or anyone you know has been hit by the “Grinch”, please get in contact with us via text at 807-355-8917 or via email at We want to hear from you and get your footage.

Below is the video surveillance we have obtained.

Anyone with information as to who the “Grinch” is, needs to call the Thunder Bay Police Service right away at 807-684-1200. If you are friends with this guy, just know that Crime Stoppers could pay you up to $2000 for information that leads to his conviction. Reach out to them via their website at

HISTORY article dated December 20th, 2019:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A southside thief has been busy ruining Christmas for numerous families.


Sources indicate that the man in the video provided below has been breaking into homes in the Isabella Street and Vickers Street South areas.


Once the “grinch” gains access to the homes, he has been stealing Christmas gifts from under Christmas trees along with any medications that they find.

The Thunder Bay Police Service has been notified and is investigating the matter.

Residents in the area are advised to keep their homes and vehicles locked and consider purchasing video surveillance equipment to protect their belongings.


Anyone with information about the identity of this suspect is urged to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service immediately at 807-684-1200. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at where you may be eligible for up to a $2000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.


10 Replies to “Peter Panetta’s House Got Broken Into: “Grinch” Crew Strikes Again”

  1. Peter is probably the nicest guy in the entire city and this scum bag has the audacity to rip him off? I wouldn’t doubt that this lowlife prick was assisted by Peter at some time.

    Nothing lower than biting the hands of people that feed you.

    I know our courts won’t do anything so I hope street justice is doled out to this pr!ck and leaves him with lifelong excruciatingly painful memories of his errors.

    1. Correct. Justice system is not effective any more and these scum are given more rights than the victims. Also, the Gladue provisions are misused and abused. Time for a change.

  2. Another slimeball worm with absolutely no morals rips off someone that has quite likely helped them directly.
    I hope karma jumps to attention quickly.

    1. Peter is such an amazing guy who is on a mission to help as many people as he possibly can especially underpriviledged kids. Without his altruistic efforts, many of those kids would have no mentor or activities to learn. It is sickening that some scuzbag would do this to him after all he has done for everyone. But I know Peter. He will not let this incident deter him from doing what he does best and that is helping everyone. It is a huge shame on city council, for not stepping up and heping him out and finding him a place to start his programs over. Peter is a real gem in a city full of rough cut stones.

    2. Hopefully police aren’t to busy to actually investigate and take prints or check cameras etc. It’s most likely the same people that robbed a friend of mine. Police never did show up to investigate.

  3. I am saddened deeply to read this. Peter is a “Saint” for the work he has and is is doing for the disadvantaged youth in this city and deserves all the assistance he can get. I truly hope that this criminal is soon brought to swift and proper justice and that Peter is able to recover his stolen property. It would be very disturbing if the perpetrator was someone Peter has assisted in the past but somehow it wouldn’t surprise me either given the number of psychopaths and drug addicts wandering the streets in this fair city.

  4. Peter will never lose his faith in humanity. A very generous and caring man has helped a lot of stray individuals try to get off the streets. It’s bad enough that he lost the gym and now this? My god, you criminals that have done so much wrong to this man should be hung from the ankles and used as a heavy-weight bag! Peter, although you care not to see hate and violence, I hope you understand that if some people go vigilante on these people, that you’ll understand. God will bless you so hang in there!

  5. I think a front page news story needs to be published so that no one donates to this thief due to the underground gym receipts being taken. Also street people need to come together to report this person to crime stoppers. These people stick together and will know who its is. Nice to come forward, get a reward for Christmas and stop a low life

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