Overdosed and Robbed at the Midtown Inn


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man arrived in Thunder Bay recently with a pile of money, bank card and credit card, looking for a party.

The male met some people and got a room at the Midtown Inn, which was purchased under the name of a local Thunder Bay woman.


People close to the situation have told TRCC News that a local woman and her boyfriend, both of which are heavy drug users, assisted the tourist with obtaining drugs. The woman has been featured in numerous “flailer” videos we have published previously. Once arrested, we will identify her.

The tourist was looking for cocaine and crack but the local couple convinced him to get some “blue down” for them to consume. At this point, the local woman was preparing a needle for the tourist but instead of loading it with cocaine, she loaded up the “blue down”.

Soon after, the man overdosed and the local couple stole his bank card, credit card and most if not all of the money he had on him. While the man was overdosing in the room, they poured water on his face before fleeing the scene.


Someone in the hotel thought it was odd that the room door was left open and took a look. They found the man overdosing and called 911. Superior North EMS arrived quickly and took the man to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where it is said he is in serious condition.

The local woman and man are at-large and racking up the victims credit card and bank card at this moment. Reports are that they are using the money to buy drugs and continue to get high.

Always be sure to use drugs with people you trust. This is a prime example of why you should never trust strangers with your life.

Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask them about how you can start your path to sobriety.


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  1. Hope he is ok. My brother overdosed and the losers left him in his apartment alone. Thankfully neighbors found him before to late. He survived but with major damage to him though. Hope this man results are better than my brother’s.

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