Numerous Stolen Credit Cards, ID’s, Phones and More BUST


(UPSALA, ON) – Hardworking officers with the Thunder Bay detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police initiated a traffic stop near Upsala which resulted in 3 men and one youth being arrested and held at the police station for bail.
Officers uncovered numerous stolen credit cards, identifications, phones along with fraudulently forged Driver’s licenses from both Ontario and Quebec as well as forged Social Insurance cards.
The proceeding for all 4 suspects was held in French with blurbs of English splashed in here and there. I could not pick up what was the men’s names, but I will obtain that information tomorrow morning. Anyways, two 24-year-old males, one 25 year old and a youth of unknown age were arrested. All residents of Quebec.
All 4 parties were charged with:

  • Possession of stolen property.
  • Possession of forged documents.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over the matter along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel representative.
The Crown states that because this group is originally from Quebec, there are substantial primary ground concerns regarding their release. Primary ground concerns indicates that the Crown believes there is a significant chance for the four to not return for court. Further, The Crown indicates that they intend to show the courts why the four should remain in jail.
All four have been scheduled to reappear in court on October 8th, 2019 for another swing at getting released from jail. It is not certain where the stolen items originated from at this point.


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