Numerous Drivers Pass School Buses Illegally


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It is just good practise to make sure you have more than enough time when you are headed to a destination to ensue short delays won’t be a problem.

Some people don’t leave themselves any spare time and leave later than they should to even make it on time to their destination. Some of these types of people end up speeding, blowing through stop signs, and passing school buses with their overhead flashing lights on and stop arm deployed.

Do not be that person. Do better. If you get caught by police, you will be charged and anyone who knows will shame you.

Below is the report issued by STSTB

SEVENTEEN – the number of vehicles reported by 8 local school bus drivers as illegally passing their stopped school buses with overhead flashing lights and stop arm deployed in ONE day – Wednesday, November 13.

2 @ 100 Block of James St N
4 @ 400 Block of James St S
5 @ 0-100 Block of Algoma St N
2 @ 700 Block of John St
1 @ Court & Manitou (Grey Ford Escape)
1 @ Beverly & Trillium
1 @ Crown & Bay (Black Acura)
1 @ Walsh & Bessie

Stop Arm Cameras are becoming a thing in Ontario now that the legislation is in place and the regulations are being written. Preliminary discussions have started with the city regarding the technology available and developing a process for implementation.


2 Replies to “Numerous Drivers Pass School Buses Illegally”

  1. Yupp Thunder Bay drivers. Not bad enough speeders going through school zones. In Kelowna the speed limit is 30kph from 7 a.m till 7 p.m. and Everyone obeys it and it’s strictly enforced

  2. How many of these were the result of the bus turning their lights on too soon? I had an experience where an approaching bus turned on their overhead lights and I stopped only to have the bus cruise right on by me and stop 20 feet behind me! What are the procedures for the bus? Turn on their lights and keep on going or stop THEN turn on their lights?

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