Not Practising Social Distancing? It’ll Cost Ya!


(ONTARIO) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wants to ensure everyone is aware of how police services are expected to respond to the Government of Ontario’s recent health emergency declaration related to limiting transmission of COVID-19.

Although voluntary compliance is always preferred, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA), there are consequences for individuals and businesses that choose to defy the Act while it is in force. Contravening the expert advice provided by the Chief Medical Officer of Health to close certain businesses and institutions and limit gatherings to 50-people or less, the Provincial Offences Act (POA) has been updated to include three offences to be enforced by police, along with set fines per offence:

  • Fail to comply with an order – Fine of $750
  • Obstructions of Person = Fine of $1,000
  • Corporations = Fine of $500,000

So $1000 per person and $500,000 for businesses not practising “social distancing”.

The OPP continues to provide public safety services to the communities we serve and support the efforts of federal, provincial and local health authorities during the current situation involving COVID-19. We appreciate the public’s ongoing support of these measures.



Facilities/Services Affected by the Declaration of Emergency

As a result of the declaration of emergency, the following establishments are required to remain closed until further notice:

  • all bars and restaurants, except to the extent that such facilities provide takeout and food delivery;
  • all facilities providing indoor recreational programs;
  • all public libraries;
  • all private schools;
  • all licensed child care centres;
  • all movie cinemas and all theatres, including those offering live performances of music, dance and other art forms; and,
  • all concert venues.

Additionally, all organized public events of over 50 people are prohibited, including parades, events and communal services within places of worship. These orders will remain in place until March 31, 2020, when the province will reassess for an extension or end the closures.

Source: OPP


5 Replies to “Not Practising Social Distancing? It’ll Cost Ya!”

  1. Funny how the OPP are enforcing this, yet we are working on site an at a new OPP building where they have workers travelling from international countries back on site a day and a half later

    1. If this is true you need to alert the opp and if they don’t do anything call the rcmp. This is life and death. REPORT THEM!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984, where law abiding people are punished for gathering together. Literally communism 101.

  3. It’s bad enough that the cops have to deal with problems they can see, let alone one’s they can’t.

    Stupid assholes who knowingly endanger others by carelessly disobeying the requirement to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 should be harshly punished. In addition, their names, photo and address should be posted to warn the public that these people are a health threat.

  4. It’s ironic that the OPP will charge people for disobeying social distancing requirements yet City council are doing things that are contrary to encouraging social distancing. I.e. free bus rides and free parking. Something doesn’t jive here.

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