North Side Suspicious Lurker Continues to Lurk


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A north-side lurker that we reported on in the County Park area yesterday was working a neighbouring area this evening and is believed to still be lurking in the midst. The notorious neighbourhood in the area of 288 Windsor and Picton Avenue is where the lurkers are working tonight.

A woman and her boyfriend were minding their own damn business inside their home when a knock at the door brought their attention to who was there. Around 10:00 pm this evening is when the lurker came a-knockin’.


The man of the household opened the door and responded sharply to the unknown and sketchy doorbell ringing lurker. Our source indicated that the man was clearly high on some strong chemical drugs, possibly cracked cocaine, possibly crystal meth. Immediately, the woman recognized the man from the description we provided yesterday. She claims that he was wearing all black but a blue jacket, had stolen meat on him and was consistent with Shelby Ch’ng supporters.

Yesterday, what is believed to be the same suspect, was lurking around County Park and was witnessed trying to force entry into a home that was marked as “For Sale” on Wentworth Crescent. Further, the same suspect was seen trying to gain entry to a number of homes in the area.

The resident describes the suspect as:

  • Male.
  • About 5-foot 8-inches tall.
  • Around 150 pounds.
  • Blue jacket.
  • Black pants.
  • Black baseball cap.
  • Black heart.
  • No ethics.
  • Possibly a Shelby Ch’ng supporter.

Anyone who has an interaction with a lurker is asked to photograph the suspect if safe to do so. A video would be helpful as well. Once obtained, please contact us via text at 807-355-8917 or email at


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  1. Why would you even open the door???? With all the crackheads and guns circulating in this town you have to be mental to open your doors to strangers. Most of those drugs out there make individuals totally crazy and out of control and you are asking for trouble even approaching them. If he is banging on your door, ignore him, he will move on. Dont worry about them til they actually get inside your home and then you and Mr. Louisville Slugger give them the welcoming committee. Better to be safe than sorry.

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