New Details Emerge Regarding Death of 11-Year-Old Boy


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It has been a wild start to 2020 in Thunder Bay. Shortly after midnight on January 1st, 2020, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a stabbing outside the Dragon’s Den, located in the same building as the Landmark Hotel.

Around 7:00 am officers also responded to a double stabbing on Victoria Ave West in which a youth lost their life allegedly at the hands of their own mother.


Sources indicate that the woman stabbed not only her own son, but her father as well when he tried to stop what was going on. Upon the arrival of first responders, Courtney Marie Labelle was arrested and detained in a police cruiser. Her son and father were rushed by Superior North EMS ambulance to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency department.

The 59-year-old man survived but, with tremendous sadness, the young boy was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Police say the post-mortem, which was conducted in Toronto has now been completed and the house was released from police supervision.


This makes it three stabbings in Thunder Bay before 7:00 am on the first day of 2020, one being fatal.

The father’s side of the boy has started a GoFundMe to help fund them getting to Thunder Bay for the funeral. They also say that their reserve only covers about $5000 and any unexpected costs that arise beyond that they would like to be able to chip in if possible.

On the morning of January 1st 2020, a young man only 11 years old, was the victim of a violent altercation and tragically passed from his injuries. He was a happy boy, loved by his family.

Rest in peace little one 💔 walk into the spirit word with your head high. You are loved. Even if you cannot support with a donation towards his funeral, please say a prayer, put down some tobacco, burn some sage/sweet grass. Miigwetch

I have heard of some rumours going around about this not being legit but this is a real gofundme in hopes to support the immediate family and will be going towards the funeral costs. Its upsetting people would act this way over a fundraising campaign to help the family deal with the costs. However, it won’t deture me from trying to help. For some reason, many of our communities are very toxic, but as disheartened as this makes me, we will still help out during this hard time. Take heart people, take heart.

ᑮᐦᑖᐧᒼ ᑲ ᐋᐧᐸᒥᑎᐣ
kîhtwâm ka-wâpamiti
Goodbye, we will see you again.

Their GoFundMe is posted below.


8 Replies to “New Details Emerge Regarding Death of 11-Year-Old Boy”

  1. I feel not everyone is toxic! It’s those who do not want to take RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN ACTIONS!

    I am very concerned as well at how Alvin Fiddler portrayed the Hospital staff! Isn’t he suppose to be a ROLE MODEL? I don’t know, but I think HE is one to talk and needs to stop blaming!!!

    I believe the workers in the community are working very hard. But He Suggest that our community aren’t doing enough, WELL MY COMMENT IS YES THEY ARE!!

    You suggest so many things, but how come I don’t see YOU training YOUR OWN COMMUNITY MEMBERS??

    You simply are unthankful and your teaching others to act this way! Nurses, paramedics & police officers & other community workers are the ones dealing trying!

    I have no clue, but was this youth involved with cultural programming? This may have been his only support that he received from the community other then family, yet Alvin Fiddler suggest that cultural program is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

    This woman was from the NAN COMMUNITY & it bothers me that YOUR COMMUNITY FAILED TO HELP support THIS FAMILY!!!

    I PRAY for this family! My heart is for our youth who are situated in this kind of life! If anyone in the community sees, hears or witnesses any type of behavior, SPEAK UP AND SAY SOMETHING! I don’t know but Call CAS or who it is that helps kids in dangerous situations!

    Prayers for the Family.

    Lil angel

  2. Poor kid. Too bad he wasn’t born to a loving family. Can’t see why I’d give money to the family that couldn’t protect him though. Rest In Peace angel.

    1. He does come from a very loving family….. his family has nothing to do with the actions of his mother he was loved very very much by his family and had a very great life and support her actions has nothing to do with his family there is a very lengthy history in this family and everyone is so quick to judge this lil boy lost his grandmother she lost her mom her actions will never be excused but there is a very lengthy history people dont realize her mom is Joanne Mendowegan she died in the horrific tragic accident that occurred on August 19th …. But it’s still no excuse to her taking the life of her child…. just don’t assume that he wasn’t loved cause he was loved very very much by his family

  3. The truly disturbing thing about this whole incident, other than the tragic death of this child, is that the psycho mother can likely get pregnant again and produce more children to abuse/murder.

    Without this boy, her income has now been seriously compromised. She’ll be fine for the few weeks she might spend in jail, but it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be out looking for a job when she’s released.

  4. To the family who’s struggling to pay for some of the funeral costs. I went through this process when I had to bury my brother. There should be fees waived because they way this beautiful little boy died. My brothers whole funeral was paid too because he was murdered. If I were you I’d be asking the funeral home and advisor about this. It’s sort of a victims comp. To help pay for the funeral. Just thought I’d let you know. I’m not dissing your GoFundMe page. Great that your setting something up because it does get costly to get family members around and that coverage I was talking about, the one thing that wasnt covered was the tombstone. Prayer to you the boy and his family. Also the community because this is such horrific crime and we lost a beautiful community member. Rest easy babyboy. 😥😥😥

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