Murder and Kidnapping Suspect Granted Bail


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday at the Thunder Bay Courthouse in courtroom 304, Marshall Hardy-Fox had a bail hearing in which he was granted bail, pending certain conditions being met.

Hardy-Fox is charged with the murder and kidnapping of Lee Chiodo.


Chiodo’s body was found on Mission Island after he was abducted from around Mario’s Bowl.


A passerby discovered what they believed may have been a body on Mission Island on Sunday February 24,2019.
First responders arrived to find a body frozen stiff and partially covered in snow. 40-year-old LEE VINCENT CHIODO was identified by police later on as being the victim.

Sources indicate that Marshall Hardy-Fox had a family member at the courthouse today assisting with reaching his bail conditions needed to be met. This was likely a cash deposit that was needed along with ankle-bracelet requirements such as cash, to be put down.


His co-accused, David Hui and Musab Saboon (allegedly pictured below) remain in custody

Musab Saboon was arrested in Waterloo after fleeing Thunder Bay. He is pictured below:

der bay courthouse – inside edition

Inside Edition sources indicate that the black male originally described by police to the public might have some involvement. Sources indicate the black male is an incredibly violent gang member from Southern Ontario who was originally born in Sudan


A Kitchener man who hopped buses to select robbery victims was sentenced Friday December 2,2011 to two years plus a day in penitentiary.

Musab Saboon, 20, pleaded guilty in Kitchener’s Ontario Court to two robberies and theft.

He and a second man were charged after two pairs of males were robbed in separate incidents after getting off Cambridge buses on Sept. 21.

Saboon admitted he held a machete to the stomach of one victim while his partner brandished a knife to the throat of a second youth.

The men followed the youths off the bus and asked them for a lighter to light “a joint.’’ The youths then walked with them behind a Shoppers Drug Mart on Holiday Inn Drive where they were attacked.


The second pair of victims got on the bus at Franklin Boulevard and Jamieson Parkway. Several males followed them off and accosted them with a machete.


Descriptions of the robbers were the same in each incident.


Police cordoned off the area around Queen Street, near Renwick Avenue, after the father of one victim told them the men had been seen in that area.

An officer spotted two men meeting the suspects’ description get on a bus on Queen Street. Police stopped the bus.
In both cases, the victims were forced to turn over such items as an iPhone, a necklace, Nike running shoes, a Gucci belt, a wallet with $100 cash, and a Blue Jays hat.

Prosecutor David Russell said the crimes reveal “a fundamental problem in society.’’


Criminals are increasingly using intimidation and violence, and showing “a complete lack of empathy for others,’’ he said.

Saboon’s lawyer, Terry MacKean, asked Saboon why he committed the robberies and he couldn’t come up with an answer.

He said the only way he knew to make money was to steal something from someone and sell it, MacKean said. Russell concluded he did it for “the thrill he gets out of instilling fear in others.’’

Saboon told police it was his friend’s idea “to come to Cambridge and do a robbery,’’ court heard. They took the bus from Kitchener. Saboon came to Canada from Sudan with his family about nine years ago. His father, who was in court, works at the Toyota plant in Cambridge.

The Crown was willing to impose a shorter sentence of under two years in a provincial jail. But Saboon wanted to serve his time in a federal prison, where there are more programs and he can possibly get out earlier, his lawyer said.

“You have demonstrated you have little regard for the members of our community,’’ Justice Colin Westman told Saboon. “Think of how those victims felt when they were confronted by you with a machete.”
The judge said he would have had no trouble sending him to prison for three years.


13 Replies to “Murder and Kidnapping Suspect Granted Bail”

  1. I don’t get it, Pino you are always in the courts, how does someone who gets charged with not third not second but first degree murder and kidnapping get let out on bail not even 9 months after he’s been in jail. How do murderers get out on such short time??

  2. Another monumental travesty of miscarried justice!

    These Dumpster Bay judges and JPs all need psychological evaluations. This decision is an act of insanity.

  3. Can’t help but wonder if this murderer rolled over on his accomplices and bail was part of the bargain?

    Either way, it’s an irresponsible and disgusting miscarriage of justice to release a murderer back to the streets. Where’s the concern for public safety?

    Our courts seem to have this understanding that the public has confidence in the legal system. With decisions like this, that’s laughable.

    With continued incompetent decisions coming down from our courts endangering the public, it’s only a matter of time before the lid blows off of this shit can in Dumpster Bay.

  4. This dude just shot someone up after kidnapping them 9 months ago and he’s back on the streets. That’s fucked up I have no idea what to say anymore. One day he’s gonna kill one of us then what, he’ll get double time, 18 months?

    1. What’s fucked up is that you have come to a magical conclusion of guilt before there’s even been a trial. You might want to learn about Canada’s judicial system – this isn’t China.

    1. James what’s fucked up is you, bud, who are you, Marshalls father? Twin brother? The dude murdered someone, fuck face. I bet if it was your relative you lost you wouldn’t be saying he’s innocent until the trials over. You sound like a real goof so either keep talking or shut that fucking mouth of yours

  5. He should be held until the trials and shit are all done, James. First degree murder, someone lost their life, family members lost their loved one. Hopefully when these murderers walk, a family member let’s out some anger and handles them the way their loved one was. Do onto others as you want to yourself

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