Multiple Home Invasions, Armed with a Knife


(PIC MOBERT FIRST NATION, ON) – On October 4th, 2019 around 4:54pm the Anishinabek Police Service’s phone blew up with multiple 911 calls regarding a male walking around, armed with a large knife and threatening to kill Pic Mobert First Nation community members.
Officers arrived in Pic Mobert First Nation and were approached by community members who advised that the suspect had also broken into a residence where there was a bunch of children present. In that home, he had the knife out and was threatening to kill a person.
Police located the suspect in a residence and upon locating him noticed he was tense, had his hands clenched. Officers de-escalated the situation and took a 27-year-old Tyberius Sabourin-McKay into custody and held him in a cell pending his court appearance this morning.

Sabourin-McKay appeared in front of His Worship, Regional Senior Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron in a Thunder Bay courtroom via video link from the Marathon detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police. Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro was also present along with a duty counsel representative.
Police laid 6 charges against Tyberius Sabourin-McKay, those charges are:

  • Breaching bail condition (no alcohol).
  • Mischief causing public disturbance (shouting).
  • Break and enter a home then utter death threats.
  • Unlawful entry into a home then commit an indictable offence.
  • Assault with a weapon (knife).
  • Uttering threats to cause death.

Sabourin-McKay is currently wanted by the Edmonton Police Service for outstanding criminal matters he has not dealt with there. Further, one of the victims from the rampage in Pic Mobert is the Chief’s son. There isn’t a BCR keeping Sabourin-McKay out of the First Nation at this point, but there are concerns with him returning there at this time.
The Crown is recommending the release of Sabourin-McKay today, under the following recognizance with no surety.

  • $500 non-deposit.
  • Reside in the 0-100 block of Johnson Ave in Thunder Bay.
  • Report to the APS detachment in Pic Mobert First Nation by telephone weekly.
  • Not to contact two people.
  • Stay 100 meters away from anywhere those two people may be.
  • Not attend Pic Mobert First Nation.
  • Not to possess any weapons.
  • Not to consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Sabourin-McKay is ordered released from custody today. He will make his way down to Thunder Bay where he is expected to reside while these matters are dealt with in court. Sources indicate that he was already living in Thunder Bay and was only visiting Pic Mobert when the mayhem was unleashed.
His next court appearance is November 8th in courtroom 105 of the Thunder Bay Courthouse.


4 Replies to “Multiple Home Invasions, Armed with a Knife”

  1. Why bring this “revolving door justice” turd to Dumpster Bay and release him? WTF? The loser isn’t going to change. Keep him locked up.
    We have more than enough of our own lowlife criminals to deal with.

  2. Blows mind that reserves can simply bar one of their own , no longer having to deal with them and no longer needing to fear them nor suffer consequences.
    But these criminals are let loose into the test of society- where they obviously repeatedly continue their out of control criminal behaviour.
    No special considerations for us.

    1. This guy never lived here and people barely knew him. Yes hes a band member but pretty sure it was his first time coming to the rez. Alot of members were asking who is this guy. All we know is that he served for the Canadian army or military and was that he was never been around here before.

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