Mother and Child, Beaten by Father, Guilty Plea Entered


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – To protect the identity of the victims, no one will be named in this article. Certain details have been left out such as locations and any other information that could lead to the identity of anyone involved. Some of the contents of this article may be disturbing to some members, reader discretion is advised.
Earlier this year, in January, police responded to a call for a disturbance outside a convenience store in which a male was reported as hitting the girl he was with. Upon officers arrival, a woman was found with a swollen face and bruising starting to appear around one of her eyes. A male in his late 20’s was arrested and charged with assault by officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service.
The male was released on bail and court ordered to not attend the woman’s address or be anywhere where she could be. The couple have a child together.
In March of 2019, the child attended school and had two black eyes and a broken hand that was substantially swollen. School officials pulled the kid from class and had Dilico come to the school to help sort out the situation. After Dilico and officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service attended and spoke with the child, it was determined that the child’s father had beaten the kid that morning before school.
Dilico assisted by the Thunder Bay Police Service attended the home address of the child and found the male was there with the woman that he was court ordered not to be around. Officers spoke to the woman and determined that the man had assaulted the child. The man was charged with assault causing bodily harm to his own child.
The man had not sought out bail since and appeared in court today to enter a guilty plea. Court hears that the man accepts full responsibility and feels terrible about what he had done. He does not make any excuses but court does hear that he had a rough upbringing in which he was subjected to domestic abuse continuously. He was hopped around from foster home to foster home. As he became an adult, he formed substance abuse issues and shortly before the January incident where he struck his woman, he started to have an issue with cocaine use.
The Crown and defence both put forth a joint submission that the male should have a global jail sentence of 12 months for all charges. After today, he will have 74 days left to serve before being released. The Crown tells the court the Dilico apprehended the children and had given them back to the woman after the incident at the school. Dilico became concerned when the woman suggested having the kid live elsewhere so that the man can move back in when he gets out of jail. She expresses a want to get back together with him upon his release from jail. Dilico apprehended the kids again and still have them to this day.
The male will also have a 12 month probation order following his release from jail in which he will be ordered to obtain counselling to deal with his issues and he will not be allowed to be around the child until after the 12 months of probation is over.
The Judge tells the court that crimes of violence towards children demand a strict and strong response from the courts. In a round about way the Judge almost makes it sound like the sentence should be longer. When the Crown and defence both agree on a sentence and submit it to the Judge for their consideration, there are rather steep obstacles for the Judge to jump in order to change the joint submission. The Judge grants the joint submission.
Court also hears that this man has previous convictions of violence against this same woman.
He will be out before Christmas.
Good work Thunder Bay Police, Dilico, and the Courts.


9 Replies to “Mother and Child, Beaten by Father, Guilty Plea Entered”

  1. WTF is wrong with the mother?
    Suggesting the kid lives somewhere else, when the wife /child beater comes home from jail???

  2. With a little luck, he will become the next victim in the jail.
    And that twit woman… if dude makes it out of jail in one piece, let her be with him.
    Just don’t ever let that kid go back.

  3. I feel sympathy for those poor innocent kids. They are the ones that suffer because of the actions of other idiots. The psycho that hatched them wants to go back to a nutcase that beats her and her kids. She is not fit to be a mother. She needs to go either to jail for neglience towards her own kids or be put on the psych unit. This scenario plays often all across this country. Not sure what the lesser of the two evils is, taking those kids away from abusive situations and have lawsuits in the billions or allowing those kids to stay with their abusers and pay later for increased use of resources like health care, police, EMS and Narcan. A terrible terrible situation any way you look at it.

  4. this is horrible ,they should remove the childern and let her stay with her SO CALLED MAN..what is wrong with her.

  5. The girl should be thrown in jail too. She wants her kid to go live somewhere else so she can live with this women/ kid beater??? Makes no sense to anyone with an even close to normal brain. She should be charged for not only having a kid but then neglecting him/her. I bet the kids real proud he/ she gets beaten by their father and the mother who should be protecting them decides to desert them. Pitiful. Lock them both up and let the boys in the big house take care of them both

  6. Ugh seriously ? What a disgrace of a mother . Like what the heck is wrong with her .. probably got beaten too many times in the head that’s why! Like really? Giving up ur own kid for that loser asshole . It’s both their kid too … sheesh! She should go to jail too if she wants to be negligent

  7. Omg that’s craziness…totally wtf is wrong with this so’called mother?.. her and her innocent child getting beaten by the one thats suppose to protect his family not hurting them. Not to mention any mother would do whatever it takes to protect the child their own flesh in blood Its our job to keep them(our children) safe. Clearly not this mother who’d rather give up her child to basically stay in a abusive relationship. My sympathy goes out to the child. No mother would choose a man over their child.. retarded I agree with the others Lock her up to. My heart goes out to the helpess innocent child.

  8. It almost seems like the mother has enough basic sense to know she’s an abject failure/loser who will never be capable of raising the kid properly. In addition, she likely has such low self esteem and is so needy that she’s willing to give up the child to be with this heinous monster.
    Very selfish in many ways but in the end, if the kid get’s put in a decent home, it’s likely the best decision she’ll ever make.
    Regarding the woman/child beater. He should be drawn and quartered. Now that’s old school!

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