Metro, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart Heist Suspect Arrested


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A string of thefts in the city during the month of February has landed a woman back behind bars, yet again.

52-year-old Virginia Rose Maclaurin was arrested previously for three thefts under $5000 which all are alleged to have taken place in February of 2019.


The thefts took place at Metro (505 Arthur Street), Walmart (1020 Dawson Road), and Shoppers Drug Mart (900 Arthur Street).

Maclaurin was charged with three counts of theft and was released from custody earlier this year. She has since been alleged to have failed to attend court twice since then. She was picked up by officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) and was held for court this morning. Maclaurin was previously on the Wanted Wednesday program.

She appeared in court this morning via video link from the TBPS Balmoral Station. Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em up!” Van Kessel and expert criminal defence lawyer Leon Nicol.


Maclaurin is not able to secure her release from custody today and headed to the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre, where she will remain in jail until at least Friday, when she is scheduled to have another swing at getting released.


3 Replies to “Metro, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart Heist Suspect Arrested”

  1. 10-90-100.

    Truly sad to see old people like this still getting into shit with the law. Why don’t they learn?
    Could it be possible that jail offers better living conditions than what they’re used to? Or are they so f____d up on alcohol and drugs that they’re simply out of their minds most of the time?

    Either way, it’s a sorry sight to see.

  2. No surprises here. We can expect an increase in this crap. It is getting cold out. Where else can you get a warm cozy bed , three tasty meals a day and dont have to shovel snow. The free B&B’s can expect to be doing a booming business

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