Manager of Midtown Inn Arrested for Trafficking


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Midtown Inn, a building notorious for criminal activities, overdoses and suspicious deaths, has had an interesting yet not overly unexpected development.

The manager of the Midtown Inn, Kenneth Aylott, has been charged with trafficking contraband tobacco.


Aylott initially went to the media when he took over the business and indicated he was going to turn around the building from it’s less than amazing reputation. He appeared to want to make it a family hotel.

Aylott was arrested on February 19th an was granted bail at his first appearance. He has an outstanding matter before the courts dating back to May 31st, 2019 and was charged with Assault causing bodily harm.

Aylott is scheduled to return to court on May 11th, 2020 to begin answering to the new charge before him and continue working his was through the assault causing bodily harm charge.


We will have further information available soon and will update this article.


14 Replies to “Manager of Midtown Inn Arrested for Trafficking”

    1. Me too, seems there maybe more to it as the headline doesn’t say tobacco or cigarettes. The area can be notorious for human or drug trafficking and other criminal elements. Hopefully, the police get on those more dangerous criminal elements.

  1. This place will never be a family hotel. Consider it haunted, by all the gangs and drugs. It needs to be destroyed, I would love to sit and watch all the ‘trappers’ have to find some place else to go camp and hide out. Pathetic bandana welfare scamming scum bags

    1. Isn’t it better to keep as many rats as possible in one location than to have them spread all over the city?

      Isn’t it easier for cops to monitor drug dealing activities of many in this shit hole, flea bag, bedbug ridden flop house rather than half a dozen different locations around town?

      I’d say let the place be for convenience sake.

  2. Simple solution to a big problem. Convict this clown under Canada’s equivalent to the RICO Act, seize the property under proceeds of crime legislation, turn it into something that benefits the people of Thunder Bay.

  3. Good grief!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!? This is what the Tbay Police are spending thier time and resources on???!!? Come on. This is disgraceful.
    It would be less ignorant but still as ridiculous had it been somewhere else, rather than this specific sespool…but still- GOOD GRIEF! GET A CLUE TBAY POLICE
    I can see them saying this is part of a bigger sting on the building and the activities within but i call Bf’nS. When are they going to get together with the rest of city services & politicians & do somthing meaningful to protect the citizens uninvolved in this activity & help the ones who need a hand out of this desperate mess?!

  4. with all the drugs, drug overdosing, prostituting and all the other illegal activity going on in that hotel and they charge manager with selling smokes ? Smart move. Wouldnt want anyone overdosing on nicotine. That would be terrible. That would cost the gangs in hotel money because less to buy drugs. Kinda like watching a bank robbery and going after a jaywalker instead of robbery suspects if you ask me. Typical Blunder Bay move. Maybe only way to clean up that hotel is get RCMP to come in and do the house keeping. Or at least the OPP.

  5. Seriously?? He should be charged with aiding in criminal activity! Allowing these shit gang members to continously run their drugs in Thunder Bay! Seize the property, Charge him accordingly.. The cigarettes are F*&% all! If you think for one minute he’s not profiting from the corruption, think again! A family friendly business it will never ever be! Who in their right mind would expose their children to prostition!, Assaults, Murder attempts, Guns, Violence, and constant Police presence.. Thunder Bay is turning the down town core into a damn Toronto little Ghetto.. Send the rug rats, back to their Mama’s and let Toronto deal with their bullshit! They got better jails down there. And the money to do… Since the effin PC’s saw fit to not help out the City of Thunder Bay with Their Problems.. Fuck Toronto and Fuck Ford..

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