Man Gets Tossed in the SLAMMER After Snowball Assault


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have made a breakthrough in a violent incident that unfolded yesterday in the city. Reports came in that a man had assaulted another person with a snowball.

Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning was 22-year-old Darcy Rhoda Muckuck. He appeared before His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman, Crown Attorney P. Pasloski and talented duty counsel lawyer Robert Habjan.


Muckuck is facing a single charge of assault with a weapon (snowball).

The Crown states that although Muckuck is in a Crown-onus situation, they are still concerned on the secondary grounds regarding releasing him. They are intending to show cause as to why he should remain in jail. A Crown-onus situation means that the burden is on the Crown to show the courts why he should be detained. Secondary ground concerns means the Crown believes there is a substantial likelihood that the accused may either become a risk to the public safety, re-offend, or both.

Duty counsel tells the court that he has already spoken with Muckuck and that his lawyer of choice is Richard Curtis and that he will inform him about Muckuck’s situation. A request is put forward by Habjan to have the matter remanded to Wednesday for another swing at being released.


Muckuck will be transported and housed at the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail where he will likely serve time until he is released.

Friends of Darcy Muckuck claim that someone is using his name and that he is not in jail. We initially reported an erroneous photo of a person who did not get arrested for this incident. We apologize for that error and will continue to work harder to confirm information in the future.


2 Replies to “Man Gets Tossed in the SLAMMER After Snowball Assault”

  1. For throwing a snowball? Really? Did he throw it at a cop? Was there a rock in it?

    From the pic provided, I’d say charge him for being a goof.

  2. A snowball ? Guess I should be charged for multiple and repeated offences . Been tossing many a white ball at people my whole life .

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