Man Charged With Killing Own Infant Son


(WINNIPEG, MB) – On January 11th, 2020, at 9:25 p.m., emergency services personnel responded to a report an unconscious 3 month old infant at a residence in the Lord Roberts neighbourhood.

Responding emergency personnel located an infant boy and began first aid. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition.


He has passed away on January 15. The investigation determined the infant suffered internal injuries.

Mathieu MOREAU, a 29-year-old male of Winnipeg has been charged with:

  • Manslaughter
  • Aggravated Assault

He has been detained at the Winnipeg Remand Centre. The infant was Moreau’s son.


Source: WPS


20 Replies to “Man Charged With Killing Own Infant Son”

  1. Sickening.
    And to know the system of justice in Canada, is mainly rehabilitative.
    Live with yourself forever.
    Condolences to the child’s mother and relatives

  2. Fuckin cock sucking piece of shit mother fucker, having an infant myself. WHY DO YOU STUPID FUCKS HAVE THEM JUST TO DO SHIT LIKE THIS. Father’s suppose to protect, fucking asshole dirty waste of skin pubic haired beard looking mother fucker this pisses me off

    1. Just put him in with the big bad boys and tell them what he did
      They will do the job the law courts won’t do

  3. Why was he not charged with murder in the first degree internal injuries would suggest intent to harm. This justice system sux and i pray that he gets put on general pop

    1. Sometimes intent is difficult to prove. If they charged him with that and then failed to prove it, he could be another “rehabilitative “ loser on the streets the same month.

  4. Men like that should be casterated period and be put on one of those lists where they have to be registered as a baby killer, question is where was the baby’s mother? Or was she blinded by “LOVE” and didn’t see what was happening in her home.

    So very sad and sicking.

    1. She’s probably a drugged up piss tank psycho just like this heinous piece of shit. Likely a pair of lowlife welfare scamming f*cking rats.

      If the mother was in on it, both of these assholes should be gassed.

  5. i totally agree with you Jimmy, they need to bring back the death penalty for jerks like this prick.. I sure hope the guys in jail teach this asshole a lesson…rot in hell you prickface .

  6. Well….when woman see a man like this come along they should KEEP THEIR LEGS CROSSED and tell them to move along. Speaking of which, where was the mother while all this was going on? Oh, probably out searching for drugs. This may sound radical BUT if a mother finds out she is pregnant the doctor should immediately do a blood test and if there are drugs in their system it should be a forced termination of the pregnancy. There are TONS of kids being born to junkies that don’t even stand a god damn chance in life! Between being mentally retarded (yes I said it!) And having to watch the parents continue on their part of drug abuse, spending ALL the money on drugs instead of food for the kid. Maybe this was God saving this child from a disadvantaged life! Also the father should be dragged behind a truck on a gravel road filled with potholes and railroad tracks!! My thought and prayers are with the child and he is in a better place than his loser parents could have ever provided for him. God rest his soul. In the name of the father, the sun, and the holy spirit…Amen!

  7. We are supposed to protect are children not harm them he should be getting charged for first degree muder charge I hope the hell someone kills him in prison condolences to the mother

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