Appearing in Thunder Bay Court today, Tuesday October 29,2019 is STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON with his lawyer George Joseph. There are several members of Cameron’s family present.

Crown Attorney Rob Kozak has put a lot of effort (as he usually does) in this prosecution. Justice Peter Bishop delivers reasons and judgement.


His Honour rules that this 47 year old Thunder Bay Firefighter is GUILTY of dangerous driving and aggravated assault on a prominent Thunder Bay Doctor which resulted in wounds and broken bones.

STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON of Ray Boulevard in Thunder Bay was off duty on the night of July 2,2017. He was driving in a dangerous manner, almost hitting the victim with a vehicle then he exits vehicle to commit a vicious assault on a prominent local physician at the intersection of Winnipeg & Bay Street. Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers investigated the incident and their hard work paid off with some luck. A resident in the area had just moved his security camera to the front entrance the night before the violent attack on the Doctor.

There was video footage.

The Doctor was off work for several months and still suffers the effects of this alleged assault.


CAMERON, a former plumber, has been with the Thunder Bay Fire Department for the past 9 years and is stationed out of the North Central Station.

This was the second trial for CAMERON. His first trial before Justice Joyce Pelletier concluded in 2018 but Her Honour went off work sick, unable to write a decision and has not returned since.

A new Judge was brought in, His Honour Peter Bishop to hear the new trial this year. It concluded last Thursday.

Residents of the area were horrified to learn of the violent act committed by this firefighter in their neighborhood and they wondered why a firefighter, who is supposed to be protecting people is committing these types of violent acts on citizens. Some people called the fire department to ask, but they were told that the matter was before the courts.

A presentence report has been ordered. STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON will be sentenced on December 13,2019

He will lose his license for a one year mandatory period on the dangerous driving charge along with possible jail time and a fine.


The aggravated assault is a bit more serious. The criminal code allows up to 14 years in prison maximum, however it’s likely he will receive months, not years in jail for this aggravated assault.


But this may be just the start of Cameron’s legal troubles. CAMERON, a city employee on the Sunshine List making over $100 000 annually could be facing a financial judgement as well.

Inside Edition has learned that the victim may be planning a civil lawsuit against Cameron for the injuries received.

No word yet from the Fire Department about the off duty conduct of one of their workers or if he will keep his job while serving jail time.


As this is a breaking story, more details coming when available.


7 Replies to “Local Doctor Viciously Attacked by Local Firefighter”

    1. Fully agree.

      In the private sector he’d be down the road in a heartbeat. However, the public sector seem to allow for quite a degree of unacceptable behaviour due to the union tail wagging the management dog.

      This guy needs to be made an example of. Fired and sent to jail for a year or two.

  1. Would be good to know the whole story of why he attacked the doctor. Either way, this asshole needs some serious jail time.

    1. Hopefully the victim will carry through and sue the butt off this asshole. This POS should also loose his job as a firefighter because of his criminal record. Hopefully his coworkers arent pleased with him and will make life miserable for him if he does get to keep his job. Jail time should be lengthy for this type of garbage behavior. Was this all over the media? I never heard of it until now.

    2. No other media coverage because it’s controlled by certain groups of individuals in this town.
      The city’s reputation has gone to hell in a handbag and the greedy, slimy people of prominence are in damage control.

      Exposing the dirty deeds of one of Dumpster Bay’s finest would only further tarnish the city’s reputation. Goes to show how sleazy and secretive City council and management are. They’ve got the ear of the so called “mainstream” media and only allow the release of news that suits their agenda and/or spreads their propaganda.

      If it weren’t for this site, we’d be virtually in the dark. Keep up the good work Pino. Hold their feet to the fire.

      Tell us Pino, do you ever get “leaned on” by certain prominent citizens/politicians regarding the info you provide here? If you do, you should also publicize that.

  2. I agree with Rex. Too many times our media here is getting censored. What ever happened to the impaired idiot who was caught near Vance Chapman School after he almost wiped out a crossing guard who was escorting kids across the street to school last spring. No mention of his name at all. Recently, on the front page of the newspaper they had a blurb about a guy in an accident at the corner of Clarkson and Windsor but no name again. It was on this site though. Thanks Pino for telling the truth.

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