(LIVE VIDEO) – A Live Feed of Victoria & May


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The south side downtown core has experienced a drop in noticeable loitering and such near Brodie and Victoria recently.
This past weekend the area celebrated by having a social gathering called “South Side Vibe”, which our local mainstream media appeared to snub except the Chronicle Journal and NNL. I didn’t notice any other media cover it.
The event was right across the street from CBC Thunder Bay. I didn’t notice if they covered it.
Anyways, reality is there are a number of problem areas still needing to be address outside of Brodie and Victoria. We can discuss the obvious “Odd Fellows” or perhaps the Royal Eddy, Kam River Park or the tenants in the area on the second floor across May from Royal Eddy.
The area has improved substantially recently. Efforts spearheaded by local entrepreneur and social activist Lori Paras appears to be making headway.
Below is a live video feed of the corner of May and Victoria.


3 Replies to “(LIVE VIDEO) – A Live Feed of Victoria & May”

    1. They haven’t left by any means. They’re just holed up in trap houses or hiding in some back alleys until their dope/booze money runs out. When that happens, they’ll raise their ugly heads and start panhandling and harassing the public as per usual.
      As long as Thunder Bay admin and DSSAB continues to provide copious amounts of easy to get welfare money to lure and keep these riff-raff in the city, they will never leave. They’re a malignant disease that Thunder Bay will eventually die from.

  1. They are sitting on church steps or the stairs at the back of victoriaville albeit a lot of garbage has been removed with the Newfies bar gone. We just need to get rid of royal edwars and oddfellows. tear them both down. Time for fellow citizens to take back our town.

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