(LIVE STREAM) Police Update Murder Investigation


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It has been just over a year since the murder death of Amelia Sainnawap.
Her body was found slain in a back alley of the 100 block of Cumming Street.
The Investigation went on for over a year and is likely, still ongoing.
Today, Neil Howard Neshinapaise (pictured below) appeared in bail court has has been kept in jail. He has been charged with second degree murder.

Police are holding a live news conference.
Below is that video stream that begins shortly after the 15 minute time marker.

UPDATE: Details were thin during this news conference. All police were able to say was that Sainnawap was pronounced dead at the hospital after being transported by ambulance and that “life saving measures” were taken by paramedics during transport. Police repeatedly told media that there is a publication ban placed on the matter and that they could not reveal further details as it is now before the courts. They would not say whether a weapon was used. They also said that the accused and Sainnawap were recent acquaintances.


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  1. Just another native on native murder in Dumpster Bay…………
    Why aren’t FN leaders going through the roof? Never a peep from them when there are so many murders and acts of violence committed at the hand of their own people. Had a non-native been involved they’d be screaming blue murder and plastering it all over Canada as another racist act in Thunder Bay.
    Something truly disturbing about the silence of FN leaders in light of all of the atrocities carried out by their people.

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