Limbrick Trap House Bust – Southern Ontario Gang Members


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A well-known trap house that has been operating in Limbrick for quite some time has had a visit from the Thunder Bay Police Service this evening.

A “trap house” is a residential living space in which people are present that are selling drugs. Sometimes, the “trap house” allows drug users to linger around and use drugs on the premises, provided they will be spending more money shortly.


Police swarmed unit 18B around 4:30 pm, according to various sources that were in the area at that time.

3 Males, believed to have ties to Toronto-area gangs were seen being taken out of the unit in handcuffs and placed into the back of police cruisers that were waiting nearby. “Calvin”, which is his street name, is one of the males arrested. Ryan ALLI-TODD is also believed to have been arrested as well. A woman, believed to be the person who’s name is on the lease for the unit, was also hauled off in handcuffs.

Thunder Bay has been taken over by drug-dealing, gun-toting gangsters from southern Ontario. At any given time it is estimated that Thunder Bay has approximately 200 gang members from out of town lurking around on the streets. Police work hard to knock down their trap houses and disrupt their business but as soon as a trap house gets knocked down and arrests made, more gang members get sent up from southern Ontario.


Some gangs are utilizing youths (people under 18 years old), that are poor and live in Toronto housing units. They promise them big money and appear to care. These kids are just pawns in their illicit activities. The Dease shooting victim is a drug-dealing youth from southern Ontario.

We will provide further updates to this bust in the morning, when more facts will be available.


9 Replies to “Limbrick Trap House Bust – Southern Ontario Gang Members”

  1. These slimy skanks that allow their homes to be used as trap houses should be kicked out on their asses and permanently banned from ever having use of public housing. If it weren’t for these disgusting women, these southern snakes wouldn’t have so many places to conduct their murderous drug trades.

    There should be severe and exemplary sentencing for the lowlife women who harbour drug dealers.

    Hats off to the cops taking down these rats.

    1. Tyler:

      Yeah, I’m sure she’s as pure as the driven snow. Please do tell us how she was an “unwilling victim”? You ever heard of empirical knowledge and/or the balance of probability? She was in it for the dope just like the rest of them. God forbid she has children.

      Every one of these lowlife tenants who participate in, or harbour those dealing in deadly drugs should be permanently banned from public housing. Only makes sense.

  2. Dease st stooping victim a youth , old enough to sell drugs old enough to do the time . Play with fire 🔥 sometimes you get burnt . Tooo fuckin bad

  3. Another wonderful job by the Boys in Blue. Now judges lock their asses up and don’t let them out!!!
    If we ever get a new jail I think it should be doubled in size to accommodate these low life scum bags.

  4. So why don’t the cops screen these scum to catch the guns and drugs when they fly in on Porter or West jet and check the luggage when they leave with there cash.When they catch these a holes they should be able to use the money found for the police services.

  5. Another DSSAB flop house by the social services department! They are allowing our neighborhoods to become war zones by renting to these scumbags. Every week it’s the same story.
    The rest of us have to live with the incompetence of the social services department while they live in a palace on May st. Many employees are even on the sun shine list . What is wrong with the DSSAB in Thunder Bay

    1. You’re absolutely right.

      There is simply no “due diligence” at DSSAB. Every part of their business plan is plagued with inadequacies. Right from issuing welfare to able bodied scammers to renting houses out and never inspecting to see what’s going on in them. In addition, what are the doing about tenants charged/convicted with operating trap houses in public housing?

      Theres no secret why places like Limerick and Academy are crawling with drug dealers, thieves and murderers. Throw out the drug addicted tenants and give the housing to people that truly deserve it.

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