Kyle The Alleged Kelly’s Fine Wine Thief


(DRYDEN, ON) – Officers with the Dryden Police Service have made a break in the cold case of Kelly’s fine wine heist that happened on October 3rd, 2019. Sometime on that day a male entered the LCBO and stole some Kelly’s Fine Wine.
24-year-old Kyle Pelletier has been arrested and held for bail court regarding this incident. He has been charged with:

  • Theft under $5000 (Kelly’s Fine Wine from the LCBO).
  • Breaching probation x2.

Working the courtroom today is His Worship, Regional Senior Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron, Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel representative.

Pelletier has numerous outstanding criminal charges already working their way through court. The Crown states that Pelletier is in a reverse-onus situation and that he is not consenting to his release today. It is suggested that Pelletier goes to bail court tomorrow.
Pelletier starts discussing that he needs methadone and he can’t get it in jail unless he’s already on it. He requests numerous times for the Justice of the Peace to make that happen, but the Justice of the Peace informs the court that he only has power over whether he is detained or not and cannot order that Pelletier be taken to a methadone clinic to get put on methadone.
Pelletier requests to be put before a judge’s court, presumably to enter a guilty plea for these matter. After some discussion, he is granted that request and is ordered to remain in jail. His next court date is on October 21st, in Dryden.


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  1. Another whiny, useless turd clogging up the justice system toilet. Flush twice……it’s a long way the to jail.

  2. Sometimes it’s good 2 put inmates on methadone because one time a lady was withdrawing and asked for help, was ignored and passed away in a jail cell

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