Known Fraudster Richard Belbas Arrested Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Notorious fraudster Richard Belbas has once again found himself behind bars at the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) station. Sources indicate he has turned himself into police.

Be sure to share this article so that your friends and family can become aware of this individual. It’s mind-boggling that people are still coming forward with fraud allegations as this man has been in the media numerous times for this issues. Spread awareness.


Allegations are that Belbas took $3000 from an alleged victim to build a sauna. The victim located an ad on Kijiji and contacted the contractor. That ended up being Richard Belbas and the sauna never got built. Further, a person is alleged to have hired Belbas to do renovations to their rental unit. They gave Belbas $9760 and the renovations were never completed.

Allegations are that between February of 2019 and August of 2019 Belbas frauded a woman for over $5000. Further, Another person was frauded in August of 2019 under $5000. Belbas has many numerous numerous outstanding charges.

He appeared in a Thunder Bay courthouse courtroom this morning via video link from the TBPS station located on Balmoral Street. Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and a duty counsel representative Marylinn Tompson. Belbas’ father is sitting in the body of the court.


Belbas is facing the following new charges:

  • Fraud over $5000.
  • Fraud under $5000.

Release is granted today on a recognizance bail plan with a surety. Belbas’ father is in the body of the court today and is going to be his surety. Court is stood down to continue crafting the bail plan.

Belbas is being released with his father as a surety. His recognizance bail plan has a non-deposit amount of $5000 attached to it along with the following conditions:

  • Reside on McKechnie Road in Gillies Township.
  • Not to contact 16 people, all alleged victims.
  • Not to be within 50 meters of any of the alleged victims.
  • Not to attend 3 addresses.
  • Abstain from advertising for the sale of goods or services directly or indirectly.
  • Not to accept payment or deposit for good or services directly or indirectly.
  • Within 72 hours of being hired, inform his surety and the Thunder Bay Police Service of employment status and all clients.
  • Within 5 days of being released from police custody, notify the Thunder Bay Police Service of all existing clients.

Belbas is granted release from police custody today. He is scheduled to return to court at a future date to continue answering to the charges before the courts.

HINT: 21

HISTORY ON BELBAS dated June 8th, 2019:

(THUNDER BAY, ONT) – Supposed to appear in courtroom 204 today is 41-year-old Richard Belbas. His Honour Justice Newton presiding, along with Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler, and defence lawyer is Chris Watkins.

Court started today, with defence lawyer Watkins indicating that it was his belief that today was going to be an extension of pretrial.

The Crown states that today was expected to be for sentencing submissions, and to move forward with the list of charges that have grown since the initial appearance. All of his charges have been combined into one court proceeding.

Belbas did not appear in court, even though he is in the building. Belbas walked into court at 10:20 am, even though court was scheduled for 10:00 am.




Court resumes with Belbas present. Belbas pleads guilty to the following additonal charges:

  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fraud under $5000
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fraud under $5000
  • Fraud under $5000
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fail to comply probabtion (keep peace be of good behaviour)
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fraud over $5000
  • Fail to comply probabtion (keep the peace be of good behaviour)
  • Fraud under $5000
  • Fail to comply probation (inform probation of anyone belbas works for in construction)


April 2014 A complainant found a Kijiji advertisement under the name “Craig’s Contracting” and after corresponding, Richard Belbas showed up to the home. Belbas took payment for $7000 and after no work was completed, he refunded $725. Belbas made excuses as to why the work could not be done, and became hard to get a hold of


.Janury 2016 Belbas was hired to build a garage. He was paid $1500, then $2500, then $4000 to start the work. Work was never completed and no refund issued.

Fall 2016 Belbas was hired to do snowplowing. The snow plowing was satisfactory. In March 2017 Belbas offered the complainant “Sea Can” units for $1600 each. Belbas was paid $4800 for 3 units that were never delivered, and no refund issued.

April 2017 “Richard Ellis” received payment from a complainant for a sea can for $1600, which was never delivered and no refund issued.

May 2017 A complainant paid Belbas $1600 for a sea can which was never delivered, and no refund issued.

Belbas approached a homeowner who was building a home, he offered to do the windows on the project and received payment of $6270. No work was completed, no goods provided, and no refund issued.

January 2017 Belbas took money from an elderly couple, to do a bathroom renovation, which he completed. During the bathroom renovation, Belbas advised the homeowners of other significant work that the home needed. Belbas took $5000 for this additional work, but never showed up and never refunded any money.


Belbas was hired to execute some renovations to a trailer for a complainant. He took $11,825 from the complainant, in which $6000 was a loan. Belbas never completed the project, supplies were never delivered, and he did not return any money.

March 2013 – October 2013 Belbas was paid to do some construction work for a complainant to the tune of $7230. No services were provided and no money was returned.

Belbas was hired to remove some bushes, installed a fence and gate. Belbas was paid first $5600 then $4800. During his time at the complainant’s property, he took a snowblower claiming he could sell it for $500. The snowblower was never returned, no money was refunded, and the work was not completed.

Summer 2014 Belbas was paid $4000 to build a deck for a complainant. He failed to show up, and the complainant threatened to call the police. Belbas showed up shortly after that and began to dig up the home owners basement, due to some water issues. Belbas abandoned the job, never returned the money, and actually caused damage to the home that another contractor had to repair.

April 2018, Belbas failed to comply with his probation order which states he must inform his probation officer about his employment. Belbas also took $6300 from a complainant during this time, failed to return the money, and no work was completed.



Defence lawyer Chris Watkins claims that these facts are “substantially correct”.  He further notes that he anticipates the next sentencing date to occur in October, as to have enough time ot have medical evidence completed and submitted before the courts, citing that the doctor preparing it is “from Toronto” and needs more time.

The Crown urges that the victims want this matter to be concluded, and that he is limited to what he can do to press the case further when the defence needs more time to produce evidence. The Crown seems to indicate doubtfulness of the validity of the evidence to the case.

Furthermore, the Crown indicates that he would like to have direct correspondance with this doctor.

Defence lawyer Chris Watkins claims the Belbas is working, and restitution will be getting paid.

After some further discussions, His Honour sets the next sentencing date for November 5th, 2018.


TRCCTB.COM is dedicated to getting our audience pictures and videos that surround the articles we publish.

We went the extra mile and attempted to get a new photo of Belbas leaving court, in which he detected and kept his face away from the camera as pictured below:

I decided I could use the exercise and attempted to run around him to get the glamour shot of his face, which ended up failing not only due to my obesitiy, but also in part by Belbas’ apparent determination to keep his mug out of the media. Belbas abruptly darted out into traffic to avoid the camera:


I decided to keep my distance, and lurk in the shawdows to attempt to idenfity which vehicle Belbas is driving, as to inform the public so that people are aware of which vehicle to be on the lookout for when hiring a contractor. Pictured below is Belbas entering a black Dodge ram pick-up truck:


I noticed Belbas started the vehicle and aggressively started backing up, so i whipped out my trusty iPhone and began to record. Below is the video of Belbas Yabba Dabba Do’ing his way out of the path of TRCCTB.COM.



Two separate people, both involved in the case, have informed TRCCTB.COM that Richard Belbas may be continuing his fraudulent scams under two new names, “Richard Ellis” (as admitted in court) and “Richard Spence). Please share this article so that everyone can see Belbas’ face and be made aware of his admitted fraudulent activites. Below is a gathering of photos of Richard Belbas, as is in the public interest that people are aware of this man’s mug.




HISTORY ON BELBAS dated September 7th, 2019:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man who has become notorious in Thunder Bay after being charged with a large amount of fraud charges is, once again, facing numerous additional charges stemming from alleged fraudulent activities.

43-year-old Richard Belbas of Thunder Bay, Ontario is currently before the courts on three additional charges of fraud, one over $5000 and two under $5000 following complaints made to the Thunder Bay Police Service by citizens.

One of these counts involved allegations that Belbas was contracted by a local woman to pave his driveway. As far as TRCCTB.COM was able to find out, it doesn’t appear that Belbas owns any contracting equipment that would enable him to pave.

Three separate complainants came forward and he is charged with three counts stemming from three separate incidents. It appears that he has not stopped committing fraudulent activities.

Belbas was arrested on August 7th, 2019 and appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court on the morning of August 8th, 2019 where his charges were sworn before the courts. He was released. Belbas is still going through the courts for around 30 or more previous fraud charges.

Please, share this article and the images we have of Richard Belbas so that vulnerable citizens can make an informed decision on who to hire for their next home project. Belbas is known to change his appearance and in previous incidents it is said that he would have Kijiji ads using other, reputable contractors names but the phone number would lead to his cell phone or an email he created. It is best to be aware of what this man looks like. Please inform the elderly.



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  1. So if he has a combination of fraud over/under $5000 THIRTEEN TIMES why not go 10X$5000 and set his bail as a CASH BAIL for $50’000.00? I bet that would keep him out of trouble for a while! Instead our court system would rather do the honor system with a Con Artist…because that seems to be working out well. If the justice system doesn’t change neither will the criminal behavior!

  2. Unbelievable that this prick continues to fleece people and it’s even more unbelievable that he continues to fleece our JPs and judges??? Lock the bastard up!

    I’m surprised that no-one has taken this matter into their own hands to deal with this scum bag.

  3. Jeez. This guy should be in jail. Seize his truck to help repay his victims. Do you really think he is going to change his ways ?

  4. This crook need some serious jail time. If he was in the USA they would be throwing away the key but here in Dumpster Dodge er I mean wild Canada he will probably get a stern lecture and be back on the streets duping innocent people again. Just another of many POS scamming Dumpster Bay. Many people we know have stopped using certain sites on the internet because of the fraud and potential dangerous crooks like this creep lurking on it. Better to go with a reputable company with references. Cause that is cheaper in the long run.

  5. Not everyone has seen your site. I’m sure he preys on seniors.
    Too bad there are some REAL contractors on Kijiji that ARE licenced..
    It’s idiots like Belba’s that ruin it for the honest workers.

  6. Richard Belbas Scammed me for 3000.00 for a roofing job he never completed just lie after lie after lie hope the judge locks him up for a long time

  7. It boggles the mind to see that the justice system keeps letting this idiot go with the same conditions that he keeps ignoring….speaking as one of his victims I am imploring the justice system to do just that…dish out some justice

    1. The only way to get our justice system back to dealing out real justice is to vote out the limp wristed, criminal coddling Liberals. Our legal system is a mere shadow of what it used to be.

      Far too much emphasis on “criminal’s rights”. F__K criminal’s rights. They should have no rights whatsoever when the choose to commit crimes.

  8. How does he get bail bail bail. And police keep letting him take money and never ever pay back wow. Great court system. Wow WOWO wowowowowowo

  9. Our legal system that keeps releasing him despite his ignoring bail conditions should be held responsible for the losses of any new victims. Has any surety money been collected when he violated his release conditions in the past? That money should go to the victims.

  10. how is it this criminal continues to get bail and while out commits many many more crimes. There is no justice for the hundreds of victims , maybe the judges crown attorneys and his defense lawyers should all make restitution to the victims. Belbas is a habitual criminal without any remorse and is just going to continue to break laws and commit crimes plus there are about 100 people trying to recover funds in small claims court,its really time fur Richard Belbas to serve a maximum sentence under the law for each and every charge with no parole time. He needs to serve a long sentence and rid Tbay of this major criminal.

  11. We do NOT need a new Police station , we NEED a new jail to keep these kind in , instead of EVERYONE being released into the community

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