UPDATED: Killer on the loose: Dease Shooting Update


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm a male was shot 3 times inside the residence of a home at the corner of Dease and McKenzie, according to our sources.
What we have heard is that this was a gang-related shooting which was sparked due to disagreements revolving around the drug trafficking trade. The home is suspected to have been taken over or at least utilized by southern Ontario gang members. About a year ago, Toronto Crips gang members were arrested on the same block for drug trafficking allegations.

Information we have received is that there was an altercation that arose over the trafficking of drugs and who’s turf the home and area belonged to. Elements of human trafficking may have also been close to the boiling point of this incident.

A white car had pulled up to the home and a lone person entered the building. Soon after gunshots rang through the home which sparked the suspect to flee the home and the vehicle sped off, leaving the area.

Numerous police cruisers and at least two ambulances arrived on scene and rushed the victim to hospital with three gunshot wounds. A gunshot wound to the shoulder and leg is what we have heard. The location of the third gunshot wound has not been confirmed. Police forensics unit also responded to the scene and officers were spotted combing the area with flashlights. The backyard was tape off with crime scene tape as well.

The killer is believed to be on the loose. This shooting has a similar tone to the gang-related shooting death of Geoff Corbeil who was shot and killed at a Brodie Street South residence not long ago. That murder remains unsolved and that killer is still on the loose.

Below is the police media release:

Thunder Bay Police Service officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were dispatched to 139 Dease Street around 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8 following reports of a shooting that had just occurred.
When police arrived they located a lone male victim and confirmed that a shooting had taken place. The victim was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional health Sciences Centre where he is now in stable condition.
Officers contained a scene and began investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.
The investigation is now a major case and involves members of the service’s Major Crime Section.
Investigators are now looking for anyone who may have been driving in the area of Mckenzie Street, from Cumming Street to Pacific Avenue, around the hours of 9 and 10 p.m. who may have dash camera footage. Police are looking for residents in this area who may have active surveillance cameras on their property.
Residents and motorists who may have footage that could assist in this investigation are urged to call police at 684-1200.
At this time police do not believe the shooting was a random occurrence, and suspect it has links to the drug trade.

Below is the video we obtained of the scene along with numerous photographs.

This is a developing story and we will provide further updates as more information becomes available.


7 Replies to “UPDATED: Killer on the loose: Dease Shooting Update”

  1. It’s scary to know that the majority of illegal gun owners do not have gun training other than what they learn on the streets. They then do not understand proper shooting techniques and resort to the “spray and pray”. Just pull the trigger multiple times and and hope you hit the intended target. Hence the reasons gang shootings frequently take down innocent bystanders. Only a matter of time until an absolute tragedy happens in our city!!!

    1. Maybe the leg and shoulder shots were to wound the individual and make him suffer before the final kill shot? Setting an example for others to fear if they cross these lowlife creeps.

  2. Dumpster Bay at it’s finest.
    This town is in it’s death throes. Lowlife human trash have infested the city worse than bedbugs.
    Murderous drug dealing, shameful public conduct, non-stop violent crime, rampant theft and home invasion… Criminals and welfare scamming losers have taken over.
    . This was such a great town 30 or more years ago before it became diseased. This place will have to be nuked to get rid of the vermin. Time to start looking at moving somewhere else.

  3. Well …. does anyone have Dirty Harry’s cell number. He would have the city cleaned up in no time. .. do you feel lucky Punk.

  4. Personally myself, I think it’s not the city itself. It’s the drug and gangs life. But if you stay away from all that crap, then thunder bay ain’t that bad. It’s only certain people……but other than allllll that BS. thunder bay is home….!!!!

    1. Yeah, home alright.
      Like living in a house full of sneaky cobras. It’s only a matter of time before innocent bystanders will be caught up in all of this gratuitous violence. Not to mention that in most of these lowlife trap houses and drug infested neighbourhoods, there are hundreds of kids being exposed to and brought up in a drug and alcohol fuelled environment. How many of these children will be the next generation of drug dealers and murderers?
      Not exactly confidence inspiring. And, it’s not likely to get better without extreme law enforcement action. As in martial law.

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