Kenora District Jail Fight – 3 Involved


(KENORA, ON) – Much like the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail, the Kenora District Jail faces similar issues and violence.

A source close to the Kenora District Jail tells us that there was a wild fight that broke out today inside the jail.


Three inmates apparently were not getting along and things escalated.

Correctional officers at the facility managed to regain control and separated the irate inmates.

We are not sure what the fight was about, but our sources tell us that the three inmates involved were:

  • Kyle Mcleod
  • Kevin Wetendorf
  • Brian Strickland

It is uncertain if any additional charges were laid against any of the three men or if any of them had been taken to hospital as our source was unable to figure that out before being put on lock down.


3 Replies to “Kenora District Jail Fight – 3 Involved”

  1. Let them go at it. No one gives a crap what they do to each other. This is the only way to rid the world of trash like this cause the judicial system sure aint gonna do it.

  2. Hopefully it was 2 guys serving jailhouse justice to that POS Lexus Quill who assaulted the infant…. can only pray.

  3. Let them have bunkbeds put four people in one room and take away the library’s in the weightlifting room and any pleasure room that they have

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