July Collision Charges Laid – Jeep Flips


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Traffic Unit have laid charges against a driver involved in a serious July collision on Balmoral Street.
Police were originally dispatched to reports of a single-vehicle collision just after 3 a.m. on July 20 on Balmoral Street near Jasper Drive.
Officers learned a silver Jeep Wrangler was travelling southbound at a high rate of speed on Balmoral Street when it crossed over the centreline and into the northbound lanes of travel. The Jeep then left the roadway and struck a hydro pole, causing significant damage to both the vehicle and the pole.
The Jeep continued southbound into a parking lot in the 1200 block of Jasper Drive where it struck a parked trailer and another motor vehicle. The driver, who was the lone occupant and not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle.
The driver was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where she was treated for her serious injuries. She has since been released from the hospital. Despite the seriousness of the collision, no one else was injured.
A section of Balmoral Street, between Beverly Street and just beyond Jasper Drive, was closed until the afternoon hours of Saturday, July 20 as investigators processed the scene.
Evidence collected by officers determined the driver was travelling at a rate of speed between 140 km/h and 170 km/h at the time of the collision. A toxicology report confirmed the driver had blood- alcohol levels, and chemicals consistent with Cannabis and Cocaine, above the legal limits at the time of the incident.
As a result of the ongoing investigation police charged a 26-year-old Thunder Bay woman on Monday, Oct. 7 with:

  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle.
  • Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired by Alcohol.
  • Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired by Drugs.
  • Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired by a Combination of Drugs and Alcohol.

The accused will appear in court on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019.

Source: TBPS


5 Replies to “July Collision Charges Laid – Jeep Flips”

  1. It is amazing that POS did not kill someone innocent. The criminal code is outdated and needs to change to reflect what is going on in society today. This POS and others like her need to do some serious jail time with no mandatory remission for offences like this. If you do kill someone because you are wasted on booze or drugs then you should get life in jail with no parole. But those bleeding heart civil libertarians maintain their sympathy for them. My sentiments for wasted assholes who
    get behind the wheel are Fu+* them and throw the book at them.

    1. Fully agree.
      Seems that this hare-brained partier has no concerns for anyone but herself. Obviously a crack-head dimwit incapable of connecting two dots.
      Considering the vehicle is a write off that insurance won’t cover due to circumstances, her serious injuries, the fact that she’ll likely lose her license for a long time, won’t be able to afford a replacement vehicle nor the cost of insurance, I suspect she won’t be driving anytime soon. Which is good for the public.
      Just another upstanding citizen of Dumpster Bay.

  2. Exactly who is this dumb twat and why is her name being protected? Also still waiting to find out who the other moron was that almost wiped out a crossing guard and kids near Vance Chapman School earlier this year. Never heard who he was though he was stopped by the cops almost next to the school with a damaged tire from bouncing on the side walk to pass a stopped car as it waited for the kids to cross. Thank goodness no kids or guard were killed. This is what is on the roads in Dumpster Bay. When another guy was found wasted driving recklessly down Arthur Street in broad daylight a while back his name was splashed all over the front page. But for some reason some have their identities protected. WTF?

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