Joseph Connolly Arrested After Woman Beaten


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 39-year-old Joseph Connolly appeared in a Thunder Bay court room this morning and is facing two new charges stemming from an incident where Justine Holmlund is alleged to have suffered substantial injuries.
Justine Holmlund posted on Facebook in the group “The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay” the following statement:

“Hey ladies, before I deactivate my account on here (at police advice for me safety) I figured I would give you beauties a heads up about this dangerous, abusive individual (whom appearatly is on Tinder and is 35 and lost 5 years of his life magically) Anyways, ladies this individual (whom unfortunately still happens to legally be my husband) is abusive mentally, physically, financially and emotionally-puts on one dam good dramatic sob story of himself being the victim but have been harassed, stalked and had this individual break into my home twice the past month attempting to beat and strangle me to death. Heads up to all you ladies and if you happen to see he is in town at all, please do not hesitate to call 911 seeing as his release conditions were to not be in Thunder Bay.” Justine Holmlund alleged via her Facebook post. These allegations have not been proven in a court of law.

Connolly appeared in court this morning via video link from the Thunder Bay Police Service station. He was arrested and detained. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding along with a Crown Attorney and Connolly’s defence lawyer, Robert Habjan.

Connolly is facing two new criminal charges which stem from an August 21st, 2019 incident. Those charges are:

  • Uttering threats to Justine Holmlund.
  • Mischief causing damage (breaking a bathroom door).

There are previous charges already laid on Connolly and working their way through court. Those charges also stem from the August 21st incident with the same alleged victim, Justine Holmlund. Those charges are:

  • Uttering threats.
  • Assault x2.
  • Mischief.

The Crown consents to Connolly’s release on the same terms he was previously released on, except his non-deposit cash amount is raised from $500 to $600. His release conditions are:

  • Reside in the 300 block of Main Street in Atikokan, Ontario.
  • Leave Thunder Bay within 24 hours of release and stay out of Thunder Bay, except for court or medical matters.
  • Do not contact Justine Holmlund.
  • Not attend her address.
  • Not to possess any weapons.

Connolly is granted his release and is scheduled to appear back in court on October 15th, 2019.




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  1. Tbay is doing the same as some reserves. Kick their felons out and they send them to you. Awesome. Now you are the very same. Thunder Bay gets even worse.

  2. Wow, thank goodness the judge released him on a $600 no deposit bail.
    He obviously learnt his lesson.
    Piece of shit is just as bad as the judges.

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