Jessica Jonasson up on Fraud Charges, Stolen Card


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Just weeks after being sentenced on a theft charge, failing to appear for court and resisting police, 29-year-old Jessica Jonasson has found her way back behind bars.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were investigating fraudulent transactions made on a man’s financial cards. There were at least 4 sketchy purchases made on the cards on the same date. As a result of their investigation, they have arrested, charged and held Jonasson in police custody pending a court appearance.

Jonasson appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the Balmoral Street station. Presiding over matters this morning was Senior Regional Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron along with hardened Crown Attorney P. Pasloski and the always fighting for his clients, criminal defence lawyer Robert Habjan acting as duty counsel this morning.

It appears Habjan spoke to the Crown before court and managed to secure the release of criminal Jessica Jonasson under a release order with a surety and a non-deposit dollar amount pegged at 500 Candian Pesos. The consent release conditions are as follows:

  • House arrest – remain in her residence at all times except for medical emergencies, educational purposes, treatment (such as addictions), in the presence of her surety or presence of her mother.
  • Reside with her surety (father).
  • Not to contact her alleged victim.
  • Not to possess any financial cards that are not in her name.

Jonasson’s previous court date she indicated that her ex-lover lead her down a bad path and that she had not spoken to him in four months. It appears she now has no one to blame but herself for her recent decisions.

She was ordered released from police custody and is scheduled to appear in courtroom 105 on January 14th, 2019 at 9:30 am to begin answering to the charges laid on her. Her father was in court this morning and filled the role of her surety. Her lawyer, experienced and talented Karen Scullion will be informed by duty counsel of her situation.

HISTORY article dated November 29th, 2019:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in a Thunder Bay courtroom today from the prisoner’s box was 29-year-old Jessica Jonasson. She’s here to plead guilty to some charges and get released from jail.

His Honour, Justice Peter Bishop, a per diem Judge, was presiding over plea court today along with Crown Attorney Afton Brown and Jonasson’s criminal defence lawyer.

She is facing the following charges:

Court starts off with Jonasson pleading guilty to a fail to attend court charge, Theft under $5000 and resisting police.

The Crown reads in the agreed statement of facts which say that on January 18th, Jonasson and her baby daddy went to St Peter’s, asking for food. They also returned the day after. On the third day, Jessica showed up on her own and stole the Knights of Columbus donation box. The donation box was located in the back alley, destroyed and an estimated $150 missing from it. Court hears that the entire incident was caught on video surveillance. Officers arrested Jessica a short time later and located a crack pipe on her.

In November of 2019, around 9:13 am police received a report that Jonasson was attempting to break into a laundry machine with a knife of a south-side building. She fled to an apartment in the same building. Police arrived and Jonasson attempted to flee the scene. Arriving officers identified Jonasson from previous interactions and knew she had a warrant for her arrest. Officers detained her and she started to pull away from them while yelling that she was someone else, not Jonasson.

Through her legal counsel, Jonasson states that she was in a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with a well-known substance abuser who often brings down everyone around them. She claims that B.D, her baby-daddy, introduced her to numerous drugs and lead her down the path of drug addiction. They have children together that are in the warm, loving and caring arms of Jonasson’s mother. Jonasson is currently headed down the path of sobriety and her family is supportive of her ambitions to return to the person she was before she got involved with B.D.

She claims she is no longer involved with B.D. and has not spoken to him in 4 months as he is likely to influence her into a relapse. Jonasson wants to continue her sobriety and appears to genuinely want to enter treatment upon her release from jail, which is expected to happen today. Jonasson states through counsel that she has gotten sober without the aid of Suboxone or Methadone.

Jonasson has a very limited criminal record, with only public mischief and an impaired driving charge.

Tbe Crown tells the court that the sentence laid out for Jonasson should focus on probation. This will provide her with the assistance she needs to overcome the trauma she went through while involved with B.D.

Court also bears her father has addiction issues.

A joint submission is put forth to His Honour to consider from both the Crown and Defence counsel. She is getting 15 days deemed served for resisting police and a suspended sentence for the theft. Other charges are withdrawn as a part of her plea deal today. She further gets 12 months of probation with the following conditions:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  • Pay restitution to St Peters of $150 at a minimum of $20 a month.
  • Attend counselling for anger management and substance abuse.
  • Do not attend St Peters or an address in the 400 block of Egan Street.

His Honour agrees to the joint submission and Jonasson is granted release from jail today. She will hopefully begin her journey into freedom and maintain her sobriety.

Before getting involved with B.D., the court hears that she was a supervisor at Tim Hortons as well as had many other productive jobs. It appears that the poor decision to get involved with B.D. really damaged her life to the point that she now has to heal from that experience.



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  1. Her father will be sorely disappointed when he has to forfeit the $500.00 in bail for this thieving psycho. That is if our gutless JPs and judges have the courage to demand payment

    She’s either insane or simply doesn’t give a shit about the law. Her father should have left her in jail.

    I can see where this woman get’s her limited intelligence from. Seems that ma is the one with the brains in that family.

  2. There appears to be no end to trash just like this one crawling all over this place. The disgusting performances by these POS have ruined this place so bad. I am totally embarassed when I go out of town and someone asks me where I live. When I say Thunder Bay, the look I often get is like admitting you have lice or some STD. Too bad this once jewel of a city has sunk so low. If it were not for the fact that all my large family is here, I would be long gone from this dump.

    1. Such an aweful way to feel.
      And we all know why this has come to such an ongoing mess.
      Glad you are near your family

  3. Hopefully she will seek rehab and stay clean and sober. You can’t blame people like her for the reputation Thunder Bay has. Her charges are not the ones everyone talks about. It is the beatings, drugs gangs, murders, attempted murders and brutal assaults that give a Tbay the rep it has. Just by reading this site we can see where the problem is. Just look at the pictures and read the stories. It is not hard to lay the blame where it rightfully belongs.

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