He’s heading to familiar confines of the Thunder Bay Jail.


Greenstone OPP are always working hard and yesterday was no exception.

A 23 year old JEFF JUNIOR OGUSHING was arrested again last night, Saturday November 9, 2019 for possession of stolen property and breaching his probation once more.

OGUSHING is well known for his criminal activity in Greenstone and he appears not to be learning his lesson. OGUSHING appeared by video in Thunder Bay Bail Court before His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman.
Crown Attorney Pasloski is opposed to his release.


OGUSHING is headed back to the overcrowded Thunder Bay Jail. More great work by the Greenstone OPP.

Big thanks to our news tipster for this story.



8 Replies to “Jeff Junior O’Gushing Arrested for Stolen Property”

  1. I have an idea to reduce property crime.

    The govt should provide all opiod drugs, including fentanyl, to any junkie who wants it free of charge and as much as they want. Just take away Narcan and all other overdose antidotes. Let nature take it’s course.

    1. What makes u think he’s doing opioids? U must b perfect in every way and never did anything wrong….sometimes I read ur comments and they make sense…’s not like ur dumb …..but it seems ur a bit ignorant about addiction. …addiction has nothing to do about how rich or poor they are….or if they r on Ontario works….some professionals are addicts or alcoholics…..doctors….lawyers,….etc….

    2. Lisette:

      You have no idea of what I’ve experienced regarding drug addicts.

      Had a brother who was addicted to anything that would give him a buzz. He spent almost 30 years behind bars and when he wasn’t in jail, he was nothing but grief to his family and friends. So I know first hand what addiction is all about.

      He died years ago, far before his time due to complications from drug abuse. Unfortunately, during his brief, violent and troubled life, he managed to alienate everyone he touched and dulled the feelings of those that cared for him. To this day, I couldn’t muster the least iota of energy to give a sh!t about druggers.

      Sorry, but thats what happens when decent, caring people are put through the hell of living with a drug addict for 50 years. The sooner druggers flush themselves out of the system the better for “normal” society.

  2. Good idea. Think of all the money that would be saved on resources currently used to save those that dont want to be saved. Narcan was the worst possible intervention to hit the streets. It just increases the problems. If someone OD’s they should get one shot at a ER visit to get help and there should be help available for them to get clean. . After that no more wasting the taxpayers cash.No more free taxi rides by the EMS or police to the ER to tie up valuable services that legit sick people need. Time for the junkies to own it. You choose to do drugs, then you live with those consequences. .

    1. Sooner or later, they system is going to fail if we keep reviving these over dosed addicts.

      In the past, nature would take it’s course and a percentage of hard core addicts would die. Now, with Narcan etc. we’ve just upped the number of drug abusers in a big way by facilitating their ability to keep overdosing. It’s not like they’ve changed their ways after scrapes with death. Not at all.

      I read that Dumpster Bay alone, went through 1000 Narcan kits last year. Think about that. If it’s true, that means hundreds if not a thousand dopers who may have been taken out have survived to carry on with their dreadful, disgusting lifestyles. Thus being that much more of a burden to society. Narcan is a real bad idea.

  3. It is unfortunate that person’s addicted to any substance will not seek help until they hit bottom.
    Some start to question their mortality due to health issues, family and friends, or the possibility of losing their employment.
    So many people think quiting an addiction is like flicking a switch. The biggest hurdle addicts face is there are enough resources. The addict has bottomed out, they seek help, they have to wait 3 months or more. Back into the abbyse they sink. I’m not making excuses for the behavior of addicts. I’m addicted to nicotine and the pull from the urge wins the battle on most occasions.
    I pity anyone battling a addiction and understand their behavior is a product of their circumstances. They are human beings. They all have a story, many of which we can be grateful we have not lived. There a lot of terrible people in this world that don’t have A conscience and extort the vulnerable. Get them hooked on drugs, become a seller, dig into the profits, now you have to work off a debt. Sell your body or steal and pawn.
    The government should provide funds for addiction services instead of providing the addicts with pharmacy grade drugs.

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