Impaired Operation, Break and Enter, Stolen Motor Vehicle and More


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In other news, officiers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have arrested and detained 29-year-old Brittney Ann Doerflinger after a routine traffic stop. Upon executing the traffic stop, officers smelt alcohol and suspected drug use. A “Drug Recognition Expert” (DRE) arrived on location and believes she was also high.

Two previous incidents involving Doerflinger resulted in her being released from jail previously on certain bail conditions. One of those conditions were to not be outside of her house with alcohol in her system. She is alleged to have been high and had alcohol in her system during the traffic stop.


On August 9th, 2019, Doerflinger is alleged to have assaulted someone with a weapon and was also charged with mischief.

Swing it back to November 2018, Doerflinger alleged to have broken into a home and stolen a motor vehicle.

Doerflinger appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via video link from the Balmoral Street police station. Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding along with Crown Attorney Emily Delaney and a duty counsel lawyer. Doerflinger is facing the following charges:

  • Impaired operation of a conveyance.
  • Breaching bail conditions (not to be outside of her residence with alcohol in her body).
  • Assault with a weapon.
  • Mischief.
  • Break and enter.
  • Theft of a motor vehicle.
  • Mischief.
  • Theft under $5000.

The Crown consents to the release of Doerflinger today, under a recognizance bail plan with a non-deposit of $200. The proposed conditions are:

  • Reside at her mothers house.
  • Not to contact two people (alleged victims).
  • Not to attend two addresses, one on Surprise Lake.
  • Not to possess any weapons.
  • Not to have care of control of a motor vehicle.
  • Not to be outside of her home with alcohol in her body.

Doerflinger accepts the conditions and is ordered released from jail. She is scheduled to return to court at a future date to being answering to the charges laid against her.

None of the charges have been proven in court.


6 Replies to “Impaired Operation, Break and Enter, Stolen Motor Vehicle and More”

  1. WTF? Like she is going to comply with these conditions? Throw her sorry ass in the slammer and let her veg there before she kills someone innocent. How many more jacked up zombies like this one are behind the wheel at any given time in Dumpster Bay? A hell of a lot more than people realize. There should be no bail for these selfish POS.

  2. That bitch broke into my garage in SEPTEMBER of this year! Left drug making paraphernalia and stolen items. Cops were called and took pictures but nothing ever happened because we couldn’t “prove” it was her.

    4…. that’s right… FOUR officers arrived at my residence after I called because she showed up to “take her belongings” and no one did fuck all. They just let her leave.
    DEPITE the fact that when they called her name in on their radio (that I heard) there was a laundry list of shit on her. ….including she was not allowed to be any form of intoxicated. She was legit there twitching and had booze on site.

    So…… I’m not surprised. But like…. wtf….. if shit was done 2 MONTHS AGO…. this could have saved someone else from dealing with that shit.

  3. White trash skank with substance abuse issues. Needs some inside time at the crowbar hotel.

    Lock her up for a few months.

  4. Watch out for this one, she’s big trouble. She goes around wrecking havoc on anyone or anything that’s in her way. Multiple charges, one including assault which was on her now dead girlfriend who decided to commit suicide afterwards because she couldn’t stand to live no more from being tormented (message left in the suicide note). I don’t wish my worst enemy dealing with this sorry excuse of a human being.

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