(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Theft and robberies in Thunder Bay have become common occurrences and seem to happen almost every day. These incidents are often directly tied to the out of control drug addictions and the drug-seeking behaviour that follows when funds are low and people need their next hit or drink.
Around 6:23 am on Thursday October 10th, 2019, a home was broken into and numerous items were stolen from the house.
The homeowner was not home at the time but was observing through internet-connected surveillance equipment. At this time the home owner was alerted and dialed 911. Officers arrived at the home but not before the suspect had left the area.
People who have viewed the video are in deep debate about whether this is a man dressed up like a woman, or if it is a woman.


These types of theft are alarming and brazen in nature Things are only going to get worse until the people and government step up to battle the out of control addictions in Thunder Bay. If you know who this is, you can contact us directly or….
Thunder Bay Police Service are investigating and are seeking out the suspect. Anyone with information about who this may be are urged to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service. If you wish to remain anonymous and potentially get a cash reward, contact Crime Stoppers via their website at


7 Replies to “IDENTIFY: Thief Ransack Home Twice”

  1. I must ask a question, Peenz, I see this is almost happening everyday. When your in the courts do you find out if these people had left their doors unlocked, or if these animals break in somehow?

  2. Hooker? Looks more like grandma got tired of winning pennies at 55+ bridge tourney. Hope she doesn’t use the stolen camera to upload her nudie pics!

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