Inside Edition has received a copy of the bail conditions and a verified picture of 35 year old JORDAN COUCH, the alleged house shooter of Ware Road North.


On October 15, 2019, at approximately 5:00 p.m., hardworking officers from the Thunder Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a report of an incident involving a firearm in Ware Township.

Officers attended the scene and observed that a firearm has been discharged at a residence. There were no injuries sustained by the occupants of the residence.


We here at the Inside Edition are thankful these people weren’t hurt.

Officers from Thunder Bay OPP, the OPP Forensic Identification Services (FIS) and from the Thunder Bay OPP Crime Unit conducted an investigation into this incident.

As a result of the investigation, JORDAN COUCH, 35 years of age from Fowler Township was arrested over a week later and charged with the following offences contrary to the Criminal Code (CC):

  • Careless Storage of Firearm, Weapon, Prohibited Device or Ammunition section 86(1) CC.
  • Careless Use of Firearm, Weapon, Prohibited Device or Ammunition section 86(1) CC.
  • Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose section 88 CC.
  • Discharge a Firearm into or at a Place in a Reckless Manner 244.2(1)(a) CC.
  • Mischief Endangering Life 430(2) CC.

The accused, JORDAN COUCH was held in jail almost 2 days before being released on bail with the help of his talented Defence lawyer Ronald Poirier.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill released JORDAN COUCH on $100 000 NO DEPOSIT BAIL WITH SURETY.

Inside Edition has learned that his surety is his 63 year old mother CATHY COUCH.

Inside Edition has also learned that JORDAN COUCH is an underground miner and works out of the city a lot. Sources indicate that he’s currently working at the Lac De Iles palladium mine.

JORDAN COUCH must live with his mother in the 100 block of Kivikoski Road while in town.

  • Must notify OPP 24 hours before he departs for work and immediately upon his return.
  • While in Thunder Bay, he must reside with his mother on Kivikoski Road and he’s not allowed to leave the home without his Mommy.
  • No contact or going near any of the people who reside in the home that was shot up.
  • No weapons
  • No alcohol or drugs.

His next court date is a Tuesday December 17,2019.


4 Replies to “House Shooter Suspect Out on $100,000 Bail”

  1. No way this psycho should be out on bail and I can’t believe he wasn’t charged with attempted murder.

    There were people in that house and he knew it. Discharging a high powered rifle into the house could easily have killed one of the occupants. Our justice system is failing once again. Disgusting.

    I hope his employer finds out about this insane @sshole’s arrest and fires him.

  2. Hi

    Can you explain what “100 000 NO DEPOSIT BAIL WITH SURETY.” means?
    Did someone come up with the money before he was let out? Or does mean it that someone has to come up the money if he skips his court date.


  3. WOW you can go out and shoot up someones home and luckily not kill anyone inside even knowing there was a family ln the home at the time including a young child. Miraculously no one was shot or killed but it could have just as easily have gone the other way. And this jerk gets to walk out of jail return to work and live his normal life like he did nothing wrong. A 100,000 dollar bail with no cash put up now isn’t that nice yet someone with a minor breach charge gets to stay in jail with no bail or anything and he did not even try to hurt anyone at all but then again he did not shoot someones home up either threatning the life of the people inside. But I guess when you have the money to put up as collateral that is what counts I just hope that he follows all his conditions so that his mommy does not lose everything that she owns. Well lets see how the young man that got refused bail will make out when he returns to court. Maybe he can use the same excuse as Jordan Couch did that it was an accident. How can it be an accident when someone just pulls into a driveway and starts shooting someones home up that is far beyond my fathoming. Well I hope that when he finally goes to court he is found guilty and gets to spend a nice long sentence behind bars where he belongs because in my books that is what he deserves. Still trying to figure out our justice system because it sucks big time. Petty anti criminals get to go to jail but the murders and guys like this just get to walk around free as a bird. WOW sure do not know what is happening with our court system. Just my opinion that is all.

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